CTA Strategy

10 CTA Strategy Tips to Improve Conversions

How A Strong CTA Strategy can be Critical

CTA Strategy

CTA’s Are The Doorway
Most Visitors Take

– Calls-To-Action (CTA?s) are critical to the success of your Inbound Marketing Strategy.? It is best to use them in everything including social media, email, website pages and blog posts.? They are the doorway that ordinary visitors take to become marketable leads and eventually customers.? Your CTA Strategy becomes the blueprint for navigation on your website that determines whether you create conversion or lose opportunities.

Where?s The Best Placement
For The Best Conversion?

It can be hard to determine the placement and design of CTA?s.? Here are ten tips to make it a little easier:

1)???? Assess the entire page layout ? your CTA should be ?above the fold? or in other words, be able to be seen in the initial screen without scrolling down.? Make sure the CTA relates to the other content on the page so it is attractive to visitors interested in that page.

2)???? BIG AND BOLD ? Find a good balance between a BIG CTA that will be easily seen and one that doesn?t overwhelm the page.

3)???? Every Page ? People like to be guided easily to where they are going.? Place CTA?s on every page to help with navigation.

4)???? Short and Sweet ? A good CTA gets to the point.? The standard range of size is between 90 to 150 characters.? Cut any superfluous sanctimonious subterfuge like this sentence.

5)???? Use Strong Action Words – “View,” “Download, “”Explore,” “Gain Knowledge” ? just labeling the button with the name of the content doesn?t urge action.

6)???? Use Color ? Contrasting colors will get attention and more action.? The best color may, in fact, be different for each kind of business or visitor, but more importantly, make the CTA stand out with contrast.

7)???? Match the Visitor Level – Make sure your CTA labels fit the nature of the visitor you are after.? If this is a top of the funnel CTA where education is the objective, then ?Learn More? works.? At the bottom of the funnel, where a lead is maturing into a customer, ?How to Hire Us? is a better fit.

8)???? Blogging and emailing ? Your CTA Strategy should include having every blog article and every marketing email include a relevant CTA.? Make sure it doesn?t overwhelm the copy but that there is a natural segue into the action step.? Write with the CTA in mind from the beginning.

9)???? Value Added ? Let your reader know how taking action will benefit them.? Instead of just saying ?Download eBook? say ?Download this eBook and Learn How to Create Dynamic CTA?s?

10)? ??Test Like Crazy ? Inbound is all about measurement and analytics.? What is working?? What it not?? Try different colors, labels and locations.? You will be surprised how much difference the little things can make.

Think About Your CTA Strategy First

CTA Strategy

We wouldn’t go on a family vacation without a map. Same goes for your website.

Putting a little thought into designing and placing your CTA?s can reap big benefits.? Conversion of visitors into leads and leads into customers is something that requires a deliberate strategy.

None of us would consider just hopping in the car and taking off on a vacation without first planning where we were going and how we were going to get there, but that is how most CTA?s are implemented, with no thought as to where the visitor is going.

By starting with a solid CTA Strategy and utilizing these best practices, your conversion rate will improve and so will your business.

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