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10 Reasons Why A Website Doesn’t Convert: Website Grader Time

A Website Grader Can Help

Fix That Bounce Rate

– Wondering why your website isn’t seeing the amount of conversion you’d like? ?Have you ever used a Website Grader?

You’re certainly not alone. ?Many people look at their analytics bounce rates and scratch their heads. ?Of course, when you’re looking at bounce rates, you’re essentially looking at all the people who came, saw, and said “no thanks”.

So where do you start in building a superb site that powerfully converts those visitors your SEO guru has worked so hard to bring to your doorstep?

Well, the first thing on your list should definitely be to employ our nifty website grader. ?It will really?drill down and find those sticky issues – and help you resolve them, post-haste. ?Do you even know your website’s bounce rate?

While you’re waiting on the results from the website grader, it’s good to do a little in-house diagnosis.

website grader

What’s Your Website’s
Bounce Rate?

Here are the 10 top killers of website conversion rates –

and what to do about them:

1) ?Elements are broken

If something’s broken on your website – whether that’s as innocuous as a page link or as serious as a scheduling app, it’s your #1 priority to fix it. ?Breaking a potential customer’s trust is a serious deal-breaker in general.

2) ?Elements don’t function on all browsers and operating systems

If everything works fine on a desktop PC running Google Chrome but doesn’t on an ipad running Safari, you’ve just lost your ipad customer base.

3) ?Lack of calls-to-action

Solving this problem is easy if you think about calls-to-action this way:

Every time someone clicks something on your website, they’re saying “yes”. ?

It’s the online equivalent to a salesperson getting someone to say “yes” in their pitch, except it’s on the prospective customer’s terms, not the salesperson’s terms. ?Your calls to action should offer all sorts of things at appropriate times – including, of course, the opportunity to make their purchase.

Our website grader is just the thing to help you on this point. ?And be sure to check out our conversion-boosting CTA map while you’re at it!

4) ?Weak calls-to-action

Ever been on a website and felt uninspired? ?That’s because, if the website did call you to act, it completely lacked conviction or enthusiasm. ?A great content writer is the best medicine for this one. ?Weak writing and content placement is a superb recipe for a weak conversion rate.

5) ?There are no clear, obvious directions for purchasing

As in, there should be an obvious opportunity on every page for purchasing your products. Deliver a clear path by providing contact forms and buttons from which you can collect customer data. Just make sure the exchange is fair. For example, don’t ask for name and email without offering something of value and relevance in exchange.

website grader

The Design Is Confusing

6) ?The design is confusing

Design should never interfere with easy navigation and clear content. ?Rather, design’s job is to facilitate fabulous content and the all-important “what to click next” factor.

7) ?The design is ugly

Hey – it happens. Call in a branding expert, re-allocate your current website designer’s time to behind-the-scenes work, and spruce that site up before it does any more damage to your reputation!

8) ?The content is shoddy

This goes beyond misspelled words and poor grammar, though you certainly shouldn’t tolerate any of that nonsense either. ?Shoddy content is content that doesn’t lead people to a buying decision.

9) ?The content is self-absorbed

Without regard to anything your shareholders and executives say at meetings, the ONLY attitude your online presence can convey is a big bright “We’re offering this to make your life better”. ?The best check for this is to see how often you’re talking about your company (features) rather than the customers’ needs (benefits).

10) ?There aren’t enough photos

An often-neglected point. ?The general rule is: ?The more photos the better. ?People are visual. ?If they can see what you’re selling, you’ve just replaced the “storefront experience” with your online presence.

In our humble opinion, the very best thing you can do for your website conversion rates is to run it through our website grader. ?It’ll tell you everything you need to get that website converting like nobody’s business!


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