10 Things a Website Assessment Should Tell You

Why Investment in a Website Assessment Makes Sense

-Both a Website Grader and an Inbound Website Assessment measure gaps in your website’s ability to perform. But a Website Assessment doesn?t stop there.

A Website Assessment measures how well your other internet marketing efforts connect with your website.? It’s a deeper evaluation of the gaps between inbound marketing and conversion metrics.

A Website Assessment measures:

  • Internet marketing goals
  • Inbound Marketing practices
  • Use of Keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Re-marketing strategies
  • Conversion of visitors to leads and leads to customers

Is your website just a static electronic brochure that?s based on old style ?just-have-a-presence? mentality? or is it a dynamic conversion machine that:

  • Attracts ? Are your online marketing efforts connecting with consumers?
  • Nurtures ? Does your Content Strategy relate to all types of visitors carefully moving them through the sales funnel?
  • Converts ? How well do you use engaging Calls-to-Action to turn visitors into becoming leads and leads to customers?
  • Delights ? Do you have a system in place to encourage repeat business and referrals?
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Delighting Your Customers

Inbound Marketing attracts and nurtures visitors all the way through the conversion process.? Inbound Marketing Best Practices are based on the ?Four E?s of Inbound.? ?A Website Assessment will determine if your website:

1) ?Educates
Provides your visitors with concise relevant content that is benefit-based.

2) ?Engages
Offers Content and Calls-to-Action that are designed to appeal to the type of visitor that you want to attract to your website.? Offers valuable knowledge in exchange for their contact information.

3) ?Encourages
Uses multiple Calls-to-Action to move your visitors further into the funnel with downloadable useful content, such as videos, webinars and blog articles.

4) ?Embraces
Has a firm strategy in place for automatically following up with customers to make sure they are satisfied so they come back again and so they refer others to you.
An Inbound Marketing Website Assessment measures the effectiveness of your website, and all online efforts, in addressing these areas.? So here are the?

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10 Things An Inbound Assessment
Should Tell You

10 Things An Inbound Website Assessment
Should Tell You:?

1) Learn your own website?s attraction factor (0-100)

2) Get a comparison to the websites of your competitors

3) Discover your own customer conversion ratios

4) Identify and analyze workflow gaps

5) See a content/CTA Feast or Famine Report

6) Determine your Return On Investment

7) Analyze your SEM and SEO

8) Determine if your content is created and organized to Inbound Best Practices

9) Measure Your UX Factor ? (user experience) to identify where friction can be reduced to improve conversion and sales

10) Analyze your follow-up processes to insure you are securing your customer base for repurchases and referrals

An Inbound Website Assessment is similar to an appraisal inspection on a house.? You really don?t know what your website is worth until you have someone look closely at the foundation, the walls, the plumbing and the roof.

An Inbound Website Assessment is the first step in achieving a better ROI from your internet marketing investment. So invest in an Inbound Marketing Website Assessment before re-building or re-tooling your website.


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