21 Tweetable Inbound Marketing Statistics – Part II

Inbound Marketing Statistics for the Unconvinced

inbound marketing statistics– Since 2006, Inbound Marketing has proven to be one, if not the best, method for doing business online. It entails creating Content that Attracts, Engages and Converts visitors.

Here are some great statistics that prove Inbound Marketing?works:

  1. Top lead generation sources include social media and SEO, each contributing 14% of marketers? total pipeline in 2013:??
  2. 17% of marketers indicate that traditional marketing has become less important over the past six months:?
  3. 67% of marketers rate lead scoring as important to their strategic success:?
  4. 72% of C-level marketers said lead scoring was important to achieving marketing goals😕
  5. 45% of marketers do not test their inbound marketing campaigns: ?
  6. 21% of marketers do not know if they test or not:?
  7. Over 2/3 of all inbound strategies will not be effectively tested in 2013:?
  8. Companies that test are 75% more likely to show ROI for inbound marketing than those that ignore testing:?
  9. 51% of executives test at least monthly to improve inbound results😕
  10. 50% of marketers consider their companies to be primarily customer focused😕
  11. 15% of companies are primarily focusing on their products in 2014:?
  12. 13% of marketers say they are primarily sales focused😕
  13. 49% of marketing-focused companies say they achieved positive ROI from inbound marketing:?
  14. 73% of the companies that reported a formal marketing-sales agreement are engaged in inbound marketing in 2013, as opposed to 50% with no defined lead handoff:?
  15. Adopting a marketing-sales agreement saves enterprise companies an average of $195.84 in total cost per customer:?
  16. 46% of marketers use Google Analytics? free reporting:?
  17. 18% of marketers say finding tools to accurately measure ROI is a major challenge of their technology systems:?
  18. 24% of marketers say their IT teams provide the least support for inbound marketing efforts:?
  19. 31% of marketers in enterprise companies indicate a lack of support from their IT teams:?
  20. Most marketing teams will at least double by the end of the year:?
  21. Inbound marketers plan to hire an average of 9.3 people this year — 125% more growth than teams not executing inbound marketing:?

Statistics courtesy of HubSpot.

Is your organization experiencing similar success? If not, you might need a refresher on Inbound Marketing:

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