21 Tweetable Inbound Marketing Statistics – Part III

More Inbound Marketing Statistics for the Unconvinced

inbound marketing stats– Here are even more great statistics that prove Inbound Marketing?works. If you’re not convinced after our three-part series…give us a call.

    1. 81% of companies report some level of integration between inbound marketing and larger marketing goals?
    2. 45% of CEOs say inbound is completely integrated in their organization?
    3. Just 21% of enterprise companies completely assimilate inbound marketing into a larger marketing strategy?
    4. 41% of marketers say inbound marketing produced measurable ROI in 2013 marketing goals😕
    5. 41% of CMOs/CEOs report that inbound generated the positive ROI they sought last year ?
    6. 1/4 of marketers report their top challenge in 2013 is proving the ROI of their inbound marketing efforts?
    7. 30% of marketing agencies say proving the ROI of inbound marketing is their top challenge?
    8. SEO and social media accounted for a combined 23% of all inbound budget allocations in 2013?
    9. 23% of marketers adjusted their 2013 budget because of the economy?
    10. 20% of marketers report securing enough budget is their top 2013 challenge?
    11. 82% of marketers who blog daily acquired a customer using their blog
    12. 79% of companies that have a blog report a positive ROI for inbound marketing this year?
    13. Blogs produced a new customer for 43% of marketers last year?
    14. Just 20% of companies without a blog reported ROI from inbound marketing in 2013?
    15. Blogging has enjoyed strong annual budget growth — 23% of marketers invested in blogs for 2013
    16. Blogs produce low-cost leads for 24% of the marketing community?
    17. SEO delivered 14% of marketers? total lead sources and 13% of all customers in 2013?
    18. 43% of marketers generated a customer from LinkedIn in 2013?
    19. 36% of marketers found a new customer from Twitter this year?
    20. Social media budgets grew 9% in 2013, to 23% of all marketing allocations?
    21. The average 2013 website conversion rate is 10%, industry-wide?


Statistics courtesy of HubSpot.

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