3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Landing Page Design

Attract New Customers with a Quality Landing Page Design

– Looking for ways to boost your profits with a quality landing page design? Then, stop concentrating on traffic for now. Instead, turn your attention to your Conversion rate.

Effective Landing Page Design causes Conversions. So, here are three landing page design improvements that will help to maximize Conversions

1) Images for Landing Page Design

Images are essential features of any landing page design. As humans, we’re visual creatures by nature. We typically form first impressions based on what we see. If your landing page appears cluttered, un-maintained or old, Visitors leave within seconds. They bounce.

Here are four principles for you to live by in regard to landing page design images:

  • Meaning ? Even the most basic-shaped images come with implications. Never add an image without considering what it may mean to readers.

  • Custom-Made ? Landing page images should be customized for the written content it supports. This helps you present an image of your brand that’s consistent across the board.

  • Logical ? No matter how gorgeous the image, it has to make sense for the landing page. Don’t add images that cause readers to wonder how it’s relevant to the content.

  • Crisp ? Your landing page design shouldn’t be cluttered with images OR text. Too much clutter only distracts readers from converting.

2) Featured Badges and Credentials on Landing Pages

Landing Page DesignWhen appropriate, this is a very effective way to build relationships of trust with your Visitors. After adding our ?Hubspot Certified Partner? badge, we experienced dramatic Conversion rate improvements. HubSpot is an industry leader. Informing users of our affiliation with them, gives users more reason to trust us.

Naturally, Visitors may be hesitant to buy into your solutions. That’s because initially, there’s no relationship built, no reason for them to trust you. Demonstrating your affiliation with organizations they trust is one effective way of overcoming this.

Does your company have any certifications?

If so, be sure to display those as well. Certifications go a long way towards boosting your company’s credibility. You’ll see an increase in referral traffic and boosted Conversion rate after adding credentials to your landing page design.

3) Call-To-Action Buttons for Landing Page Design

Common Mistake

It’s fairly common knowledge that your landing page design must include a Call-To-Action, yet this is where mistakes are most commonly made. The type you use at first may be subjective. An effective CTA will match where a Visitor is in the sales cycle funnel.

Are they researching, examining vendor criteria, or all the way to the shopping phase? ?The farther into the cycle, the more contact information they are willing to give to get a solution.

Big Ticket

Let’s say that you’re selling a service which costs $25,000. This particular audience is probably going to insist on speaking with you directly. Therefore, your Call-To-Action should nurture them into making a contact with you. In this case, your landing page efforts should focus on getting them to a webinar or scheduling a one-on-one with a representative.

Buy Now!

Landing Page Design

Now, let’s say that you have something less expensive for sale. You could still include a request for contact information. However, it will play a smaller role within your Call-To-Action because the sales cycle is shorter and more direct, perhaps even totally online. ?A landing page design dedicated to selling products online should include both ?add to cart? and ?buy now? buttons in a conspicuous location. Hesitant shoppers prefer to add items to their shopping cart rather than purchasing right this second. This also allows them to keep shopping, adding even more to their shopping carts.

?A/B Testing

For best results, you can A/B test your Call-To-Action, trying different images, placements, fonts and text to see how they perform. Incorporate the ones that work best in more situations. ?Never stop coming up with new test ideas. You’d be amazed at the large impact such small changes can make in your Conversion rate.

Now What?

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