3 Online Marketing Ideas That Will Attract Website Visitors

Marketing Ideas that Matter

– Having a website?is just one of the online marketing ideas you will probably implement in your online marketing journey. ?Marketing is about building relationships. And in order to have relationships, you need people to stop by and visit awhile.

Here are 3 marketing ideas to help bring’em in.

1. ?Keywords

According to HubSpot?44% of prospects?begin with a search engine. They plug in a word or three about what they need and hope the results will contain someplace to obtain it. If the words they use aren?t on your website, you won?t be on that list.

Research the terms most people use to describe your product or service. Determine a list of words you think illustrates what you have to offer and plug them into the search engines. Note:

  • Number of results
  • Who else uses them?
  • How precisely do the results match what you are offering?

The answers to these questions will guide you in tweaking those terms until you see results that should include you. The more precise the keywords are the better. Another of the great marketing ideas: ?long tail keywords.?

marketing ideas

Shirt Blue Stripes
Size 12 Men

A long tail keyword is really a phrase that narrows the field of results for a particular query. If you plug in the word ?shirt? the results will be all over the place. If you plug in ?shirt blue stripes size 12 men? you will get a much shorter list but the results will be more targeted to your needs. There are plenty of free keyword tools on the web to help you build and tweak your list.

2. ?Content

Lee Odden?tells us that over half of B2B marketing budgets will increase spending on content this year alone. Of all the marketing ideas you implement, content creation and curation will be the most labor intensive yet the most rewarding. Here is where your keyword research comes into play. Content is what makes it all work.

Produced around the right keyword, content will get you noticed by all the right people. Keywords and phrases embody ideas, making them perfect springboards for relevant, educational pieces that not only get you on the first page of search results but that show prospects you understand their pain and can help them learn to relieve it.

3. ?Coordination

marketing ideas

Getting Them In
Front Of Eyeballs

Now you have the right keywords and valuable content. Other marketing ideas? While the search engines will eventually find you, promoting your content to your target audience will provide a quicker return on investment. Your marketing ideas will work best when a coordinated approach is taken to getting them in front of eyeballs.

Your content will increase its value exponentially if you tell the world where it can be found.? In other words, market your content like any other product. Make sure the message matches across channels:

  • Social Networking: Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest
  • Article Directories and Microblogging: Twitter, Tumblr, Squidoo, HubPages
  • Communities/Forums: Google Groups, Warrior Forum,? Industry specific

These three marketing ideas are part of a larger package of best practices to get people to sit up and take notice. More marketing ideas can be found here.


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