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4 Things a Website Audit Measures

A Website Audit is the First Step to Inbound Success

– Think of a website audit in the same light you would a 20-point inspection of your car. You wouldn’t expect an auto technician to simply inspect the body for paint scratches, would you? A website audit works similarly – the real inspection happens under the hood.

website audit

…a Chain of Intertwining Factors

Your company’s website is there to convert visitors to customers, and there is a chain of intertwining factors that help increase your conversion rate. Some factors, such as color, layout and other design features, are visible to anybody. Other factors, such as search engine-optimized metatags, are hidden beneath the surface.

A thorough website audit will analyze every corner, making sure the back-end is structured to effectively attract traffic from organic search engines to your site, as well as the front-end to make sure that your site engages with customers when they get there.?Marketing Matters Inbound?is an industry leader in providing a comprehensive website audit for business owners who rely on the steadily growing online consumer population. A website audit will take aim at four aspects of your website:

  1. Attraction
  2. Content
  3. Conversion
  4. User experience (UX)


website audit

Are You Attracting Quality Leads?

Are you attracting quality leads?

Generating web traffic requires an understanding of how search engines generate their results listings. The rules changed in recent years when Google announced new formulas by which it ranks pages.

To attract quality traffic, web developers must include strategic page tags, insert effective strings of HTML code, and use naming conventions for graphics and images that resonate with the search engine crawlers. In the course of doing all of that, IT folks need to communicate with marketing to ensure that carefully chosen keywords are used effectively throughout the site.

What is your content strategy?

A website audit will give a watchful eye to content strategy and how it impacts everything from the home page to every last blog article. Due in large part to Google’s changes, content marketing has soared in popularity in recent months, even among business owners who don’t typically dabble in the written word.

Blogging takes on the two-pronged goal of engaging with customers while satisfying the SEO machine. To do both, a business owner needs to understand the importance of content that is both interesting and keyword-rich. Such content goes a long way in converting visits to sales.

Are you converting visitors to sales?

Everybody loves to see their web traffic numbers soar, but the more telling stat is a website’s conversion rate. What would you rather have, 5,000 visitors with a 1 percent conversion rate, or 1,000 visitors with a 3 percent conversion rate? A website audit will analyze a site to help better understand how it is harnessing visitors and what pockets of higher-potential buyers are being missed.

Are your visitors coming from Facebook or Pinterest?

Are your backlink efforts from other online articles and blogging networks working? Or is the bulk of your traffic coming from organic searches, and if so, for what search words? Answers to these and other questions are a vital part of a website audit.

What is your site’s user experience?

Sales conversions also have much to do with a site’s user experience, which has much to do with a site’s layout and design.

  • Is the checkout button easy to find?
  • Is your product catalog user-friendly in its search tools?
  • Does the copy on your homepage engage quickly with visitors?

The user experience portion of a website audit explores every facet of a site to ensure that it makes online shopping the easy, convenient and informative experience that it’s supposed to be. ?Find out how your website stacks up.

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