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4 Things Your Website MUST Do to Convert-Use a Website Grader

A Website Grader is the Way to
Find Out How Many Your Site Has

– Chances are that you built your website with a very specific purpose in mind. You may have created your website to sell products or services, accept donations or generate qualified leads or returning subscribers. When your website is successful in meeting the goal you intended, your website is considered to be successfully converting. Most websites have conversion goals, but how do you know if your website is converting at an optimal rate?

A free Website Grader can give you new insights to your website that can help you meet and exceed your conversion rates. When visitors, also known as traffic, land on your website there are four basic actions that must be completed to lead them through the steps of conversion. In order to convert, your site must complete the Four E?s of Content Marketing:

1. Educate

The internet provides consumers with an overwhelming multitude of choices when it comes to products and services. With so many choices, many consumers seek to gather information online when they are in the early stages of the purchasing process. Therefore, businesses that provide consumers with valuable education are one step closer to turning visitors into more sales-ready leads. In addition to providing information about your products and services you should also provide information about you company and brand. When should provide your visitors with educational resources that complement your marketing offers, such as educational content like whitepapers and your blog. The Website Grader can look at your website’s efforts to educate your visitors and identify new opportunities.

2. Engage

Visitor engagement on your website can measured in a number of ways, including the average amount time spent on the site, number of pages viewed per visit, and onsite interactions to name a few. When your visitors are engaged they are more likely to become loyal customers and brand evangelists that help with your marketing efforts. The Website Grader can diagnose your website’s ability to engage your traffic and identify where you can focus your future engagement efforts.

3. Encourage

During the encouragement stage, your website needs to continue to nurture your website visitors and lead them to conversion. This can happen through the right landing pages and Calls-To-Action, website content that is encouraging makes it extremely easy for visitors to make a purchase or otherwise complete the conversion process. Are you encouraging your traffic to purchase on your site? ?A Website Grader can review your CTAs and landing pages to determine how well your efforts are working.

4. Embrace

Website content that embraces website visitors as customers must support ongoing actions that create customer loyalties and leads to re-purchase. Your website should have ongoing content marketing efforts that reach out to your previous visitors and customers with customized information on new and existing products and services. Does your content continue to reinforce your brand so that you remain top of mind with your customers? Our strategists can review the results of the Website Grader to determine what you can do to develop customers who embrace your brand and return again and again for repeat purchases.

What a Website Grader Does
website grader

What a Website Grader Does

The Website Grader looks at each of these functions and generates a custom diagnostic report on your website?s strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the Website Grader can help you identify where potential gaps in your funnel are hindering your conversion rates. It can also look at your competition and show you how your website marketing stacks up against their efforts.

With the right information and analysis our Website Grader can provide you with the tools you need to build a Inbound Conversion Machine.

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