Traditional Advertising Agency vs. Inbound Marketing B2B Advertising Agency. How bout a hybrid?

5 Reasons To Choose a B2B Advertising Agency


Why You Should Choose A B2B Advertising Agency?That Specializes In Bridging Traditional Advertising With Inbound Marketing.

1.?Planting Seeds

The Content you plant today will attract and nurture tomorrow's customer.

Grow New B2B Customers.

A good B2B Advertising Agency knows that B2B marketing is about planting medium and long term seeds for client growth.? Typically a B2B sale requires multiple contacts over a period of time to develop a trusting relationship and the rapport required to close the deal.

Since Inbound Marketing is all about educating the target market visitors using a Strategic Content Plan that progressively delivers contextual content in a structured pattern, there is a natural fit for nurturing.

2.?Longer Lead Time

The average purchase decision for B2B is longer than B2C, so there?s more time to nurture a customer through the sales funnel.? Inbound Marketing lends itself well to supporting a constant feed of relatable information to the prospective customer.

A properly designed Content Management System integrated with an Inbound-purposed website that uses tools such as Smart Lists and CTA?s (Calls To Action) to move prospects toward conversion is ideal for B2B application.

3.?Larger Sale

The average sale in a B2B transaction is higher, so it?s easier to realize a higher ROI.? Given time to mature, an Inbound Marketing System creates a steadier flow of more ideal, more profitable customers than traditional advertising. Why?

B2B Advertising Agency

Inbound Meshes Well With B2B

Because with Inbound, you are communicating with people who were searching for what you have to offer to begin with.? Less of the marketing effort is wasted on uninterested people and more time with people who really want what you have to offer.

4.?Repeat Customers

B2B has a higher repeat customer rate than B2C.? Studies show that businesses tend to be loyal to their vendors when their needs are met and there is regular communication.? In the Business-to-Consumer world there is a greater tendency for shopping before buying.

Consumers have been trained to look for coupons, discounts and other reasons to shop around every time they make a purchase.? In the Business-to-Business atmosphere, the post-sale nurturing process is a much more accepted manner of traditionally doing business.

Corporate purchasing agents and decision-makers expect to be courted by their vendors so Inbound is, once again, a natural fit.

5.?Early-In Is Good

In many industrial vertical markets it is easier, and will pay off handsomely, to be an early adopter of Inbound Marketing.? That is because the first businesses to secure the SEO territory of industry keywords and phrases have a distinct advantage with Inbound Marketing especially when search engines reward longevity in ranking for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is exactly what a B2B Advertising Agency can do for you.

The longer a source of relative content has been around, the better the score.

How does your Internet Marketing System stack up?

Traditional Advertising Agency vs. Inbound Marketing B2B Advertising Agency. How bout a hybrid?

To B2B? Or NOT to B2B? That is the question

Attract Does it utilize the latest Best Practices for keyword enrichment of your content to maximize search engine optimization and properly use the precious real estate ?above the fold? on your Home Page?

ConvertDoes it have a Call-To-Action plan?? Once a visitor comes to your site, there should be a natural path of action steps for the different types of visitors, those just browsing, those looking for information, those comparison shopping and those ready to buy now.

CloseDoes your Internet Marketing System include a CTA strategy that converts leads into prospects and prospects into customers?

DelightDoes your Internet Marketing System include a follow-up process to keep your customers so happy with you that they become champions for your cause, coming back again and again and sending you new business?

It’s probably time to see if your website has what it takes!

Try our free Website Grader to find out:

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