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5 Secrets to Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency

Get the facts, then hire an Inbound Marketing Agency today.

So you?ve heard a little about Inbound Marketing or maybe you feel you need a new website and want to make sure you do the right thing.? So how do you know if the agency you are talking to really knows what they?re doing?? A lot of marketing and advertising agencies are speaking the buzz words, but have they really wrapped their heads around what Inbound is all about?? What is Inbound Marketing really all about anyway? Inbound Marketing AgencyFive secrets to helping you select an agency committed to Inbound Marketing: 1. Do they start with an overall ?Content-Based Strategy?? 2. Do they understand how to use content to attract visitors with Keyword Enriched Information? 3. Are they capable of designing and/or building an ?Internet Conversion Machine?? 4 Have they made the commitment to become ?Hubspot? Certified? 5. Will they provide ?Inbound Analytics? so you will know if you are getting results? Content-Based Strategy The three most important things in Internet marketing:? Content, Content and more Content.? What do we mean by ?Content??? Content is the information about you and your products or services that distinguish you from your competition, but good content is more than that.? It is engaging, interesting and enhanced with keywords which are known to be the search terms that people are using to learn about the things you offer. Keyword Enriched Information What words and phrases are people using to search for what you have to offer?? If the agency doesn?t offer Target Market Research to specifically measure which of these is the most effective, keep looking. Does the agency you are talking to have qualified Content Strategists and trained SEO Enrichment Writers that understand exactly how to help you utilize keywords in your content.? Do they use an automated SEO grading tool?? If not, find someone who does. The ?Internet Conversion Machine? (ICM) Throwing up another website with fancy pictures and a nice look is just not enough anymore.? An agency has to really understand the science of a content-driven marketing strategy that enriches all content with keywords and phrases in all of the right places.? They must understand how to create a CTA map that drives the navigation strategy of an ICM.? They must know how to apply this science to attract the right kind of visitors to not just a plain old website, but one that is designed to convert those visitors into customers – a true ?Internet Conversion Machine or ?ICM.? If the word ?conversion? isn?t offered up by them in the conversation, why are you still talking to them? ? Commitment They must be committed to the concept of Inbound Marketing by partnering with a provider of software and training that maximizes the effectiveness of the effort you will put forth to create a tremendous amount of relative, contextual content.? Hubspot is the leader in this capacity.? Having an ?ICM? (Internet Conversion Machine) that utilizes a partner like Hubspot, provides you with the dynamic platform and support necessary to obtain the results you need. Analytics How do you know if you have obtained those results?? With a Hubspot ICM platform everything is measured in detail and these ?Analytics? are monitored closely to drive the improvement process.? Inbound Marketing takes time to develop results, but patience, persistence, and a commitment to developing strong strategy driven content can deliver an incredible return on investment. Any agency can use buzz words to talk about Inbound Marketing, but if the answers to these questions are not strong, you will want to keep looking.? Don?t get frustrated though.? Inbound Marketing is worth the time it takes to find the right agency to work with.

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