5 Things the Best Law Firm Websites Must Have

If You’re Not Satisfied With Your Caseload…

Best Law firm Website | Rotary PhoneRemember the good old days? When people looking for a lawyer let their fingers do the walking and an ad in the Yellow Pages cost a couple hundred dollars a year?

Those days died with the rotary phone.

Today, it’s all about Inbound Marketing. You’ve got to have a website, but not just any website–you’ve got to have a website that attracts Prospects, gets them talking and converts them into Clients.

Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds as long as you create a website that includes the five key features found on all the best law firm websites. Don’t know what they are? Keep reading!

1. Content that catches eyes

By now you’re probably familiar with search-engine optimization?(SEO), the importance of keywords and the way Google usurped the Yellow Pages’ position as the preeminent tool for people in need of legal representation. You’ve probably created a website, posted bios for your attorneys and … waited for people to find you.

At least that’s what happens with many sites. The best law firm websites, however, are vibrant hubs of information and educational resources. Sure, they’re optimized so they rise to the top of the search engines, but they’re also full of interesting, informative and (gasp!) even entertaining content that visitors (also known as your prospective clients) click on, watch and read.

2. Comfort and confidence

At the end of the day, most people who find your site do so because they’re in the throes of what may be the worst time in their lives. They’ve been arrested. Someone has died or been injured. Their property is being threatened.

What they need more than anything else is comfort and confidence. They want to find someone who can help them, tell them that there’s a chance everything will be okay and demonstrate a track record of success in helping people like them.

Your website needs to be built to look and “feel” the way all of the best law firm websites do: professional, polished and accessible.

3. Clever ways to converse with your prospective clients

Once people have found you, it’s time to get them talking. Engage and lead them through your site in ways that makes them want to reach out, connect and trust you.

This isn’t as time-consuming or complicated as you might think. Thanks to the power of technology, virtual conversations can take many forms. It can be as easy as offering an opportunity for your prospective clients to “like” one of your Facebook videos, re-tweet something interesting from your site or offering them the opportunity to ask a question. Whatever form it takes, the most important thing is to get them talking.

4. Even smarter ways to capture their contact information

Conversations are great, as long as you know who you’re talking to.

That’s why you need really clever ways to capture your Prospects’ contact information. Offer them something (a free eBook, perhaps) of value–so long as they provide their contact information in exchange for it. Once you know who they are, you’re ready to leverage the fifth thing all the best law firm websites feature.

5. Confirmation that your firm is right for your new client

Buyer’s remorse. Doubt. Fear of the unknown. These are all feelings people who’ve just made super-important decisions experience. The best way to put your new Clients’ minds at ease is to provide positive affirmation in the form of regular engagement, access to special sections of your site or even a personal phone call–and you won’t even need a phone book to find their number.

Already have a website? Consider this eBook for more information on how to re-design it so it becomes a trusted source for your prospective clients:

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