Things your B2B Advertising Agency Should Know About Inbound Marketing

5 Things Your B2B Advertising Agency Should Know About Inbound Marketing

B2B is different.
So you need a B2B Advertising Agency

If you your B2B Advertising Agency claims to be able to offer you Inbound Marketing Services, here?s what they better know:

Interruption vs. Attraction

Things your B2B Advertising Agency Should Know About Inbound Marketing

Advertising must attract…not interrupt.

They better know the difference between ?interruption? and ?attraction? marketing.? Interruption marketing is traditional television, radio, direct mail, email blasts, fax blasts, and telephone soliciting.? The target audience is ?interrupted? while they are doing something else by the advertising message.

Attraction marketing is being in the place where someone is already looking and attracting them to you by offering compelling information about something they are already interested in learning more about.? Inbound marketing is attraction marketing.

Early Adoption is Good

Your B2B Advertising Agency better know that in B2B, Inbound Marketing early adopters have an advantage. In many B2B industry sectors over 90% of businesses have not yet adopted Inbound Marketing.

Nor have they grasped the significance of controlling their internet organic ranking space via SEO. Since there is less competition for the space, it is easier to rank higher sooner.

Conversion Architecture Converts…Duh!

Just having a pretty website isn?t enough.? Your site needs to be built for Inbound, designed to convert Visitors into Leads and Leads into Customers. This begins with Marketing Strategy.

Watch a video on Marketing Strategy here.

A B2B Advertising Agency must educate your visitors

Inbound Marketing is all about educating the prospect

Content Strategy Pays Off

Having a solid Content Strategy is essential to any Inbound Marketing plan.? Knowing what words your potential customers are using to search for the products and services you provide is critical in your content strategy.? Keywords are the basis of Search Engine Optimization.

CTA Strategy is Good For Your Website Visitor

Calls to Action (CTA’s) must be the basis for the visitor navigation strategy. ?Creating a CTA Map before beginning any content development is the best practice. ?How do you know what to say if you don’t know what you want your visitor to do?

The Process-It takes time to work

Inbound Marketing is much more focused than traditional B2B marketing. ?Nurturing visitors into becoming prospects, prospects into leads and leads into customers, usually takes time. ?However, the quality of the leads that are produced through this conversion process is so strong that the wait is worth it. ?It’s better to have a few hundred visitors with a higher conversion rate than to have thousands of visitors who never become customers. ?Your B3B Advertising Agency should be recommending strategies to improve conversion such as:

  • Understanding the target prospect?s rational (Personas)
  • Continual contact (Nurturing)
  • Target educating of prospect types (Contextual Content)
  • CTA Plan that is designed for conversion

Let’s see if your website measures up. ?Try our FREE Website Grader:

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