5 Ways to Boost Law Firm Marketing and Caseload

Bill Gates Called It…

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– There are two approaches to Law Firm Marketing:?Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing. You’ve seen Outbound before and likely devoted a good portion of your marketing budget to it. Outbound Marketing includes commercials, cold calls, print advertisements, and everyone’s favorite, email spam. On a minute-to-minute basis, we’re?inundated with advertising.

That’s the problem.

Your audience filters for?the content they want and ignores your message. Sure, if you throw a large enough net out there, something’s bound to?swim into it, but that’s not Law Firm Marketing. Outbound Marketing’s biggest problem is everyone who sees?your marketing could be a?client in the future but isn’t a potential client at that exact moment. The more time passes for an audience?between seeing your ads and needing your services, the less effective?your copy and marketing dollars are.?Inbound Marketing ?puts your message where an?audience is?the moment they become potential clients, i.e., when they need your services.

1. Develop an Inbound Content Strategy

Bill Gates declared, “Content is king.” It was true then and?still true in Law Firm Marketing. Clients find you through content.?Content compels?them to explore your services. Content generates Leads. An Inbound Content Strategy focuses your digital presence by identifying who your clients are, how your Law Firm serves their needs, and where in the digital world they?spend their time. Your Strategy then?attracts a specific audience and converts them to clients?or Leads.

2. Website Conversion Architecture

Conversion happens when a Visitor schedules a consultation, subscribes to a blog or newsletter, or fills out a form. A well-designed Conversion Machine escorts Visitors?through a Call-to-Action map, leading them through content to a natural point where conversion takes place, e.g., participating in your Law Firm Marketing by?signing up for a newsletter or blog, scheduling a consultation, submitting a questionnaire.

3. Content Creation for Law Firm Marketing

To convert Visitors to Leads or Clients, your content accommodates them?in whatever stage he/she might be in when considering your Law Firm Marketing. Those stages are:

  • Researching
  • Considering
  • Shopping
  • Purchasing

When the Visitor researches, you?educate. They’re looking for solutions to their legal problems, so you want to give them relevant answers.?When the Visitor considers, you engage. Give them enough?data to make useful comparisons.?When the Visitor shops, you encourage. Provide specific terms for your service and demonstrate how your Firm best suits their needs.?When the Visitor purchases, you embrace. Show your appreciation for your new Client. Clients who know they’re valued don’t just come back;?they bring friends.

4. SEO

Once you’ve established an Inbound Content Strategy and developed the Conversion Architecture to turn Visitors into Leads into Clients into Promoters, Search Engine Optimization puts your Law Firm Marketing?in front of the eyes of those Visitors. Responsible SEO, using Keyword Research and Analytics,? draws Visitors to your content and Website Conversion Machine, while preserving your brand.

5. Paid Search

As your content escalates?in the search rankings, your Pay-Per-Click Campaign pushes your content through Bing and Google, while testing?your Inbound Marketing Strategy. Once SEO starts delivering Visitors, your PPC has already fine tuned?your Content and Conversion Architecture?and generated Leads.

Lead-Gen and Law Firm Marketing

Inbound Marketing is an efficient strategy for attracting, engaging, and converting Visitors into Clients. It’s effective because it brings Visitors to you when they need you. With well-researched Keywords, information-rich content, and individually crafted Conversion Architecture, your Law Firm Marketing dollars go further and generates?more Leads. If you want information about how Inbound Marketing can help your Firm generate Leads, download our white paper, “Lead-Gen for Lawyers.”

Marketing Matters Inbound?is an inbound marketing firm specializing in online conversions, content?strategy, call-to-action mapping and traditional media placement. Our experience in?B2B digital?marketing?and traditional media allows us to deliver results through a strategic media mix. We believe in?aligning and merging marketing and sales/operations for optimal return on your marketing investment.

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