7 Secrets of Effective PPC: PPC Advertising Agency Secrets

Does Your PPC Advertising Agency Know Them??

– Using Pay-Per-Click (and a PPC advertising agency) can be a smart Inbound Marketing Strategy?but only if you?re smart about how you proceed.? We often see enthusiastic untrained internet marketers make serious mistakes that a good PPC Advertising Agency would never make.? However, you don?t have to be an Inbound Marketing Expert to know how to put together a solid PPC strategy.?

The 7 Secrets of Effective PPC

1-Keywords are the Key

Keyword analysis is critical. Keyword strategy is mandatory. ?Long tail keywords (3 or more words) are more targeted and shouldn?t cost as much. ?You will find certain keywords to be more competitive and thus they will cost more. ?If your business is local, select local keywords. ?Shy away from using your company name in the ad. Instead use positive solution-based phrases with the keyword in title.

2-The Provider Platforms

Begin with just one provider platform.? ?Facebook ? Twitter ? Google ? YouTube ? Bing – LinkedIN and many more offer PPC.? Pick one (Google) and learn the ins and outs before moving on to another.? There is both a time and money administrative overhead with each one especially when rejected ads are considered in the mix.? Having 25% or more of your ads rejected is common until you get the hang of each platform?s idiosyncrasies.

PPC Advertising Agency3-Landing Page Design

Even the very best pitcher will have problems if the catcher is no good.? You don?t want your landing pages to ruin the good front end keyword work you do.? Make sure to use the keywords you used in the ad on the landing page and that the content is relevant to the ad to keep that bounce rate down.? You pay per click, but get paid per conversion.? Your Landing Page Design is the paymaster.

4-Test, Test and Test Again

Try different ads and landing page combinations.? Many platforms offer A/B testing that allows you to schedule alternate ads to run at various times.? Keep an organized record of your experimentation data. Use PPC as a test bed for keyword terms that you will plan on using for organic SEO as you redevelop your site?s content.


What are the best times to run each ad?? Learning the best time and place to run your ads simply takes practice unless you engage a PPC Advertising Agency.? Otherwise, the real learning takes place in the trenches.? If your business is international and you’re running ads in several countries, you’ll find it best to set up a separate campaign in each country so your analytics don?t blend.

If your business is strictly domestic, select the limits to just display in the U.S. to minimize irrelevant clicks.? Many platforms offer micro-geographic targeting, allowing you to just select the zip codes you want.? Think like your target customer personas and learn from your analytics.

PPC Advertising Agency

Fresh PPC Is Better to Consume!


6- Content

Fresh tastes better! ?We don?t run the same TV ads for months and months so why would a PPC Advertising Agency do it with PPC? ?Decide what is making your ads work and enhance that.? Find fresh pictures to give the landing pages a new compelling look.? Make sure the content is relevant to the ad title.

7- Return On Investment

ROI should be your focus.? It can be accurately tracked and reported quickly with PPC.? Make sure you know your cost-per-conversion rather than just your cost-per-click. Eventually, you’ll want to look at cost-per-acquisition and compare that to the lifetime value of a Customer.

Fine tune the process to improve your overall return so that you are taking into consideration the entire PPC process.? Your PPC Advertising Agency will provide this analysis for you on an ongoing basis.

PPC Advertising Agency Advantage

PPC is not right for every business.? Your PPC Advertising Agency can tell you if it?s right for you.? Many claim a major negative is that you build no equity with PPC; it is only good as long as you are willing to pay for it.

That’s why it makes sense to have a PPC Advertising Agency develop a strong strategy which includes implementation of the keyword data obtained from PPC into your overall content development.? That Content becomes your equity and allows you to benefit long term from the short-term investment.

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