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7 Signs It’s Time For a New Website – Use a Website Grader

Using a Website Grader To Uncover Them

Online success today requires a comprehensive Internet Marketing Strategy. The glitter of Social Media is attractive. PPC pays off quickly. SEO is imperative. ?By using a website grader, you can determine what you need to do to get your website up to speed with today’s internet marketing world.

At the end of the day, consumers will end up at your website seeking information and action. ?And,?Because more people than ever now rely on their mobile devices to access the Internet and conduct more of their business online via a smartphone or other device, your website is actually more, not less, important than before.

website grader

We’ll Wait….

You’re nodding, thinking “Yeah, we’ve got a?good website, what’s this got to do with us?”? as you ponder leaving this page.???Before you go, ask yourself this:? How do I know?we have a good website?? We’ll wait… .


Yeah. ?Right.? If yours is like many?organizations, you really have no idea. ?Your site is functional and has?served you well,?perhaps for years.?? That’s great.? But is it operating at maximum performance?

Although your site may “work”, it could probably be working harder for you.

  • Is it attracting the maximum number of Visitors?
  • Does it offer rich educational and engaging content?
  • Do you have effective Calls-To-Action (CTAs) to capture Lead data?
  • Is it maximizing conversions, providing Qualified Leads?

Use a professional marketing firm’s website grader to find out.

website grader

Seven Signs It’s Time For A New Website

Here are seven?of the signs?a Website Grader can help you uncover to show it may be time to refurbish, remodel or even rebuild your website:

  1. Once upon?a time… .?How long since your site has been updated?? What story does it tell about your enterprise???Does?your Mission Statement?still say what your organization stands for?? Is your “About Us” page even “about” you anymore? Do you have a Content Strategy?
  2. It’s not style over substance, but it’s also not substance without style.? Even a youngster with the right software can craft?an engaging, interactive and visually arresting web page.???There’s no excuse, therefore,?for your website to look anything less than state-of-the-art.?? Stock photos???Boring.??Is your site loaded?in individual panes in the browser?? Not bookmark or search friendly.? Is your site?best viewed only in certain browsers?? A Website Grader will help you identify?any shortcomings.
  3. Test your text.??Search engines can’t read your images, only your text.? If your contact or other?important information is formatted as text,?you’ll be harder to?find than the proverbial needle in a?haystack.??In comparing your website with?up to 3?of your competitors, a Website Grader will quickly determine whether this is an issue.
  4. SEO (Search engine optimization).? Speaking of search engines, if your web developer didn’t think like your target consumers, chances are your keywords weren’t optimized?for them either.? A Website Grader will assess whether your SEO is actually optimized.
  5. Gone in a flash.??Which will describe visitors to your website if?it loads slowly or has too long of a flash intro, either of which will doom any potential for conversion.
  6. Declutter.??When?Jerry Brown was?governor of California the first time around, he famously remarked that “Less is more.”??Such is the?case with your website.? Remember, the idea is to engage, not overwhelm or frustrate your visitors.? Your potential customers are busy; your landing page shouldn’t be.
  7. I’m not lost but I don’t?know where I am.??No one visits a?website that is not easily navigable?more than once?and wont’ stay long when they?do.

Website?Grader:? The first step?in finding out if its time for a new website:

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