8 Marketing Solutions for Web Leads

Inbound Marketing Solutions

– If you?re in a business that lives off of leads, this is article is for you. Marketing Solutions for lead generation in the online world come from Inbound Marketing strategy and execution. ?This will help you connect the digital dots.

That is, attracting online users by inviting them to become Visitors to your site,? qualifying, tracking and nurturing? those Visitors to become Leads (complete with contact data), and either converting Leads to Customers either through an e-transaction or by seamlessly passing the lead from Marketing to Sales.

Inbound Marketing Solutions-8 Steps to Success

How does effective Inbound Marketing become effective marketing solutions for your business?

Attract Visitors to your website through paid and organic keyword campaigns.

  1. Create massive amounts of relevant, timely content (Video and written)
  2. Serve up content relative to the point in the purchase cycle that a new Visitor enters your website (based on keyword campaigns).
  3. Create a natural website flow down the purchase cycle by feeding relevant content. That is, content relative to your Visitors? needs, not your product features.
  4. Give information freely, in return for Visitor sharing information. Visitor becomes a Lead.
  5. Score? & qualify the Leads based on activities performed on your website.
  6. Converts Leads to Customers
  7. Collect prospect & customer data and re-market.

How Do We Discover Inbound Marketing Solutions?

When customers type their search words into the Google search bar, they?re telling us several possible things

1. Their geographic location.

2. What they?re interested in (in our case a product or service).

3. Their location in the purchase cycle:

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Research
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Shopping
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Purchase
? ? ? ? ? ? ? Re-purchase

4. Brand awareness/Brand unawareness
5. ?Much more.

Based on prospect search patterns, you can offer up relevant marketing solutions that deliver online customer solutions.

Find a Need and Fill It- Keywords are the key.

Marketing Solutions

Keywords Are The Key

By using keywords & search terms to identify the above factors, you can develop effective marketing inbound solutions based on sound strategy.

The short-tail and long-tail keyword searches help determine effective marketing solutions. These may include:

  1. Customer-driven SEM campaigns created to attract prospects,
  2. Implementation of customer needs-based SEO that attracts, and
  3. Creation of volumes of content stratified and segmented by customer type (persona) and where that persona lives in the purchase cycle.

Content Is King

Content type and language used ?speaks? to prospects in a voice they understand while spoon-feeding content solutions to nurture prospects and grow loyal brand evangelists and repeat customers.

For instance, if a prospect types seeks content by searching for ?How to select a tool and die company? they?re researching. That?s top of the purchase funnel. Content served should be educational. Rather than delivering a ?Contact Us? message, serve up useful tips for the prospect at this stage.

If the search term is ?Tool & Die Specializing in Auto Midwest? the prospect is further down the purchase funnel and specific in implying their need. Content should speak to auto specialty and geographic location.

Marketing Solutions-Connect the Digital Dots

An inbound marketing campaign that connects the digital dots for the customer online reduces purchase resistance. That means more sales.

The strategic marketer who actually bridges traditional media and its digital presence also stands to benefit by providing multiple points of prospect communication.

marketing solutions

You Can Take it to the Bank

The elite marketer offers higher level marketing solutions by connecting Sales with Marketing for the company. When both departments share goals and commitments, well, that?s a marketing solution you can take to the bank.






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