9 Things Your Interactive Ad Agency Should Know

Questions to Gauge your Interactive Ad Agency?s
Digital Competence.

– An interactive ad agency, by definition, guides your online marketing efforts. Lately, the digital world?s become a lot more interesting and it?s hard for you, much less your interactive ad agency, to keep up with the changes.

Interactive Ad Agency

The Digital World
Has Become a Lot
More Interesting

Ask your interactive ad agency these questions to see just how interactive they really are:

1. Do you provide strategy?

2. What type of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) should my organization be doing?

3. How does my website perform for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

4. How much content should we be producing?

5. What type of content should we publish online?

6. What is Inbound Marketing and should my organization be looking into it?

7. Should we have more or less exposure in social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.?

8. What software automation system(s) certifications does your agency hold? What certifications do the employees have? What about the people working on your account?

9. How do you measure success?

Those Were Some Quick Questions.
Want Some Quick Answers?

Curious how your interactive ad agency should respond?
We’re sure it would help to know what are BAD and GOOD answers are to these questions.

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