Advanced Tips and Hacks for Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization Can Dramatically Improve Bottom-Line

conversion rate optimization– Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) refers to a combination of SEO, keyword optimization and a host of other strategies used by marketers to improve conversion ratings on their website.

A conversion rate optimization audit tracks visitors movements through the conversion funnel, from entering keywords pertaining to your product or service into search engines, to finally making a purchase. Your objective is to push as many people down the funnel as possible, to keep buyers coming back, and leads coming in.

Here are some tips for conversion rate optimization:

How Fast is Your Website?

You have a margin of approximately three seconds to engage your visitors before they click off your page and never come back. This means that for every second it takes for your page to load, your chances of converting visitors are reduced by 33%.

There are two reasons that a low-speed website will hamper your conversion rate optimimization efforts. First and foremost, we live in a busy world. Visitors do not have time to sit around and wait for a site to load up.

Secondly, consumers have been conditioned to disregard or distrust content which appears ad-like in nature. Typically, sites which display content of such nature take a long time to load. If your site takes too long to load, users may question the security of the certificate and click off your page.


Compatibility refers to the agreement of formats, image quality and resolution, and ease of use across various viewing media, and is a key consideration in all conversion rate optimization strategies.


Conversion rate optimization strategies are different for mobile marketers. Mobile compatibility encompasses more than just P.C to mobile agreement. Compatibility issues now exist between different mobile operating systems. For example, apps designed for the Android cannot be played on an iPhone. Bear such issues in mind as they relate to conversion rate optimization strategies you plan to implement.


Determine the preferred browser for those in your target audience and ensure that your website is compatible with it. Add content to your page as needed and test it by opening your page in the browser in question. Account for discrepancies by creating separate layouts. Configure layouts to appear differently when viewed from separate browsers.

Your Third Arm

Of all the variables by which the success of your conversion rate optimization strategies are determined, the most important variable in your conversion rate optimization model is the degree of integrity that your advertising efforts bear upon your brand. Your website represents you in your absence, allowing you to be in places at once.

Each step in your conversion funnel should support the integrity of your brand, Consider incorporating the following into your conversion rate optimization model:

Client Testimonials

Include client testimonials on your Homepage. Each testimonial should address specific concerns that visitors may have about your product or service, as well as your return policy. Visitors will be more inclined to make a purchase if they know that others have been satisfied with sales experience.

Credibility By Alignment

Individuals of high stature in your community or industry often advocate beliefs or perspectives by which your products, services and operations are influenced. As long as these individuals? character has not been brought into question, aligning yourself with such individuals in the right way will lend credibility to your brand by virtue of association.

Compose short bios for these individuals. Use statistics, current events and other data to impress upon your visitors the influence that these individuals brought to bear on your industry.

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