Attorney Marketing: Why Don’t More Law Firms Utilize SEO?

Add SEO to Attorney Marketing

Attorney Marketing | SEO

Search engine optimization or ?SEO? refers to the process of attracting traffic from ?organic? or free listings on search engines.? The major search engines, Google, Bing? and Yahoo, rank a variety of content like:

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Web pages
  • eBooks
  • White papers

and other content based on what the search engine algorithms determine are most relevant users? search queries.

When it comes to attorney marketing, lawyers who undertake Inbound Marketing initiatives will benefit from the power of a well-thought out SEO strategy.

SEO helps potential clients find and learn about your legal services. Optimizing your legal website is inexpensive and costs less than traditional outbound marketing techniques, such as TV and Yellow Pages ads.

The importance of SEO for legal websites

Attorney Marketing |SEO Company

SEO refers to the process of?optimizing and increasing the visibility of your website and content by including carefully chosen keywords to help you rank high in free search results.? The higher your website and content ranks in search engine results, the more likely people who search for an attorney on the Internet will find and click?on your website.

Once you get your site into the top rankings, all future?content also gains greater visibility. You can maintain your search engine ranking by producing a steady stream of relevant, fresh content.

Like any business owner, lawyers need to know how their website stacks up to the competition. Successfully employing SEO tactics not only makes your site visible in the search results, but the process helps you learn who your competitors are and how they attract clients that could potentially be yours.

Even if you offer better legal services, and get strong results for your clients, people searching for your services will not know of you unless you implement an SEO strategy to achieve top rankings as a component of your attorney marketing program.

Benefits of SEO for attorney marketing

When your website ranks at the top of the search engine listings, you do not need to allocate as much money to pay per click campaigns and other forms of advertising.

Here are some more reasons why more lawyers should consider using SEO strategies:

  • Builds credibility – When people conduct searches on the web they tend to associate the top listings with trustworthiness. The lower you are in the rankings, the more skeptical people are about your website. One study shows that 90% of searches are limited to the first page– especially the first two or three results.
  • ?Most users click the first result – Research shows that 60 percent of the clicks for a keyword or keyword phrase go to the first result. Consequently, 40 percent of the clicks go to the second to the millionth result for a particular keyword. Gaining the top spot for the right keyword can add significantly to your traffic.
  • Access to data ? Review keyword data to find out what legal matters people are searching for the most. Use this information to your advantage to find other high search volume keywords with low competition and create blogs and other content around keywords to bring in more traffic.

For reporting purposes, SEO provides a variety of measurable results to gauge the success of this attorney marketing method. Metrics include site traffic, conversion rate, number of leads, and number of leads converted to clients and more.

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