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The Truth About Outsourcing Digital Marketing for Your Business

Given the prevalence of Web-based platforms as a source of interaction between consumers and business today, digital marketing is a powerful method of engagement. In fact, it forms the single most effective present-day marketing ?method; the only distinction is between types of digital marketing ? such as: Email marketing Blogging Search engine optimization (SEO) Content […]

The Number 1 Obstacle For Digital Marketing Success

As you enter the digital waters, it becomes important to understand the differences between traditional marketing and the new approach necessary for digital marketing success.?Traditional media is basically sales driven. You create a message that touts the usefulness, affordability, or benefits of your product or service. You place ads, drive traffic, and measure results in […]

The Reason B2B Email Marketing Automation is So Popular

According to Marketing Matters’ recent B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Report, 58% of B2B marketers say increasing leads for the sales team is among their most important objectives. 50% listed increasing customer engagement. With those priorities, it?s no surprise that email marketing automation is an increasingly popular tool. 57% of survey respondents said that email was […]

The Three Most Difficult Types of Digital Marketing to Execute

The 2015 B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Benchmarks report revealed that business, marketing, and sales professionals find three digital marketing tactics particularly difficult to execute: social media, content marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). It?s no coincidence that all three of these challenge areas fall within the broader category of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is still […]

My Company Has Reached A Plateau In Our Digital Marketing Plan

Digital marketing has become the mainstay for anyone looking to market their business, but if your strategy?s effectiveness seems to have reached a plateau, you probably need to re-evaluate your strategy. In the data reflected in the Digital Marketing Strategy Report by Marketing Matters in partnership with Ascend2, 25% of companies surveyed report that the […]

Does Email Marketing Automation Even Work Anymore?

Email marketing automation is a game. Some are winning, some are losing. But does it work? It’s been hailed as the King of Conversions. It’s been held in contempt by the court of public opinion. Some people think it’s dead, others wish it were so. What is the truth about email marketing automation? Is it […]

Why Have An Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Have you ever taken a trip to a new place you’ve never gone before on a route you’re not familiar with? Whether you had help from a map, directions from a friend, or the voice on the GPS unit, you had a strategy to get you to that new place. With inbound marketing, you also […]

What Is An Inbound Marketing Strategy

For almost a decade now, inbound marketing has been the most successful marketing model for companies that do business online. This method of marketing attracts people who want to learn more about your company and what you have to offer. But, that does not happen without thought and planning. An inbound marketing strategy is the […]

Inbound Marketing Strategy: Top 5 “DO NOT MISS” at Inbound this Week

It’s consistently listed among the “don’t miss” for marketing professionals. Last year it drew more than 10,000 people from around the world. It features inspiring keynotes, more than 170 practical educational sessions, and countless networking opportunities. It’s Inbound 2015, and this year it will be held Sept. 8?11?at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. If […]