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CRM Software Reviews: Top 5 Issues When Using Salesforce

Salesforce and CRM Software Reviews For years, Salesforce has been the name that’s dominated customer relationship management. Their CRM software is the go-to solution for most companies to organize and monitor their customer database, as well as connect with customers individually. Salesforce CRM software reviews tend to be fairly positive, and everyone generally assumes that […]

The Worst CRM Analytics to Track

CRM Software Reviews and What You Should Be Tracking Like any new system intended to increase the efficiency of your business, CRM software should be coupled with analytics to make sure you obtain optimal results. Because customer relationship management has so many metrics, it can sometimes be difficult to tell if you?re wasting too much […]

Software Reviews: Common Issues with CRM Data

CRM Software Reviews And Problems You Will Experience CRM data is extremely useful in segmenting and targeting customers. Many CRM software reviews tout the power that this data represents. However, CRM systems are only as good as the people that manage them. Poor CRM data management can cause problems and even pose a liability to […]

Does an Inbound Marketing Agency Do B2B or B2C?

How Can an Inbound Marketing Agency Help You? The first thing to discern, if you?re considering the remarkable powers of inbound marketing, is the character of your audience. Will your content resonate equally with the average customer as opposed to a business manager? Is inbound marketing neutral with respect to these different demographics? Does a […]