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What Does Marketing Know About Leads Anyway?

Cementing Your Sales Lead Management Strategy It is tempting when consider a sales lead management strategy to assume that marketers do not know much about leads. However, the fields of sales and marketing are intimately interconnected, and if you are well versed in one there is a good chance you know a fair amount about […]

CRM Software Reviews: Microsoft Dynamics vs HubSpot

Be In the Know with CRM Software Reviews Gaining and maintaining customers is important no matter what your business, so an application to track your customer relationships is a must. Since most software providers boast a CRM tool – CRM software reviews can help you decide what is best for you. Microsoft Dynamics comes with […]

CRM Software Reviews: InfusionSoft vs HubSpot

Be In the Know with CRM Software Reviews Hubspot?was founded in 2006. Employees are now over 650. Main office in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with branches in Dublin, Ireland and Sydney, Australia. They have over 11,000 customers in 70 countries. InfusionSoft was founded in 2001 and is now based in Chandler, Arizona. They currently have over 450 […]

CRM Software Reviews: Zoho vs HubSpot

Be In the Know with CRM Software Reviews As the effectiveness of inbound marketing has been clearly demonstrated to most businesses over the last few years, what has evolved from this is an appreciation of the next step in that process; namely, customer relationship management (CRM). HubSpot and Zoho are two of the leaders in […]

CRM Software Reviews: Oracle Service Cloud vs HubSpot

Be In the Know with CRM Software Reviews Inbound marketing has emerged as the most effective method for businesses of every description to promote their products in an age when most people use the internet and social media to research information on virtually everything. And as each company’s online presence begins to grow, the ability […]

Why Are Sales People Forced to Search for Customer Information?

Sales Lead Management System Will Help Your sales team should be your company’s?ultimate group of closers for qualified leads. In order for your sales team to be able to personalize each customer interaction — which enhances their ability to finalize the sale — they need to have a complete understanding of a sales lead’s needs […]

CRM Software Reviews: LeadMaster vs HubSpot

Choosing?Solutions from?CRM Software?Reviews Marketing automation may turn online visitors into actionable leads. However, you need a robust CRM package to turn those leads into customers. Hubspot unveiled their CRM platform earlier this year. CRM software is a logical next step for the company, which already dominates the marketing automation space. The platform has benefited from […]

CRM Software Reviews: Sugar vs HubSpot

Choosing?Solutions from?CRM Software?Reviews The CRM industry is growing fast, with several competitors vying for your business. With so many players, it?s important that you do your research when selecting a CRM tool. Looking at CRM software reviews is a good place to start. SugarCRM is one contender that was built just for customer management. Having […]