B2B Marketing Strategies Inbound Marketing

B2B Marketing Strategies – Inbound Marketing

Five Tips For Designing an Inbound Marketing Website

B2B Marketing Strategies Inbound Marketing

Put Away Your Umbrella and Read On!

Once upon a time, marketing campaigns for most companies consisted primarily of print advertisements, coupons, billboards, TV and radio commercials and the occasional banner flown from the back of a small plane.? Marketing was designed to find customers.? It was, unfortunately, a very unfocused, hit and miss way of doing things, the success of which was based almost entirely how how many people you could get to pay attention.

B2B Marketing Strategies were based on making it rain on everyone and seeing who like to get wet. ?Not too many people did so it was not very effective, but it was all there was. ?Would you like to know what you can do to design a website that actually attracts qualified visitors to you and converts them into customers? ?Well, put away your umbrella and read on!

Enter The Age Of ?The Internet

With the advent (and subsequent all-pervasiveness) of the Internet, the focus has shifted to the need for a coordinated online marketing strategy, especially when it comes to business-to-business selling. Rather than look for ways to find customers, Inbound Marketing is designed to persuade customers to look for you.?? Simply put, Inbound Marketing does the following four things:

  • Inbound Marketing attracts Visitors.
  • Inbound Marketing nurtures Leads.
  • Inbound Marketing encourages a Sale.
  • Inbound Marketing creates repeat Customers.

Although many companies use social networking sites (SNS) to as part of their online presence, the foundation of any Inbound Marketing strategy remains your organization’s website.?? Without a vibrant, interactive and frequently updated site, your online presence will soon go the way of a shark that stops swimming, sinking lifelessly to the bottom.

B2B Marketing Strategies Inbound Marketing

The Shark Must Keep Swimming
or Sink To The Bottom.

Understand Your Target Audience

Effective B2B Marketing Strategies require a comprehensive approach that integrate several, if not many, social networking sites (SNS) in addition to your website.? Planning that strategy requires, in addition to having the ability to fully and objectively tell your story, an understanding of your target market decisions makers, including how they prefer to engage online and what they are looking for.? So, before you produce that great content, you’ll need to identify those are.? You’ll should also consider how often you need to update your content so that customers see your company as not just a source for your products or services but as a resource for all matters relative to your industry as well.

Five B2B Marketing Strategies for Inbound?

Here’s Five Tips to keep in mind when designing a new (or redesigning an existing) website.

B2B Marketing Strategies

Five Tips For
Designing an Inbound Website

  1. Review the past 18 months of analytics of your existing website to determine the number of visitors you’ve had and how many pages they viewed.?? How many visitors hit your landing page but didn’t navigate around to the rest of the site?? Answers to questions like these will tell you where your focus should be.
  2. What’s your budget? If money is no object, great.? If, however, you face some budgetary constraints, then choose your internet marketing consultant very carefully.? Tip:? The operative word is “consultant”, as in takes a consultative approach.? This will not only save you money, but will be much more productive (read effective) at the end of the day
  3. To quote a famous song by The Who, “who are you?”? If you want your customers to do more than just visit your site, it should convey what you do, the purpose behind your products or services and, most importantly, the very personality of your brand.
  4. Ensure that you implement a comprehensive content/online marketing strategy that incorporates and cross references social media.? Remember that your online persona must be consistent across all social networking sites.?Otherwise, you run the risk of sending clouding the perception of customers.
  5. When it comes to inbound marketing, it’s not the content of your character but the character of your content that matters.? Great companies need great content.? Great content is good for your visitor, for Google and for you.

The first law of good Inbound Marketing is attraction.? If your website content is not relevant, timely and well-organized, it won’t address the needs of your target market.? And that’s not good marketing strategy.

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