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Best Internet Marketing Tools: What You Shouldn’t Be Without

Today’s best internet marketing tools and necessities for success.

So, you?ve made the decision to focus energy into online marketing for your business? now you?re wondering just what that entails and what you?ve gotten yourself into. Trust me, you?re in for a journey, but it?s a fun and fulfilling one.
One of the problems that most newcomers to the digital world experience is not utilizing the right tools for the job when it comes to online marketing.

Imagine, for example, you?ve just decided to dig a hole. Sure, you can use your hands and eventually you?ll scratch and claw your way into the earth, but it sure would have been a lot more efficient and less frustrating if you?d gone into the project with a shovel in hand. When it comes to your internet marketing, make sure you?ve invested in the best internet marketing tools available. It makes digging that ?hole? a lot more efficient and in the long run you?ll end up much further along because of it.

Now that we?ve established that, what ARE the best internet marketing tools you ask? Here?s my short-list of programs that I find indispensable when it comes to digital marketing.

Best Internet Marketing Tools WordPress1) WordPress ? An open-source Content Management System (CMS) that makes changing and updating your website as simple as pie. If you?re proficient in Microsoft Word or have really ever invested any time at all on a computer, you?ll find that WordPress is the most user-friendly CMS out there. WordPress has endless built-in capabilities for SEO, blogging, social-sharing and pretty much anything you?ll need to ensure your site takes full advantage of the content you generate to rank well in the search engines.

Best Internet Marketing Tools Hubspot2) Hubspot ? A Marketing Automation Software that takes the guess-work out of how well your company?s content is working for you and how you?re doing when it comes to converting website visitors into real, viable sales leads. What?s more? The software allows you to pre-program email drip campaigns, or lead nurturing campaigns through pre-determined ?workflows? in the software. Never again will you have to wonder where someone is in the sales funnel. With Hubspot, each lead?s interaction with your website is meticulously logged and available for you at any time. If you?re up for it, Hubspot will even email?you each time a lead re-visits your website? now THAT?S powerful marketing knowledge!

Best Internet Marketing Tools Google3) Google Adwords & Analytics ? THE go-to source for analytics software, keyword research & paid search (PPC). No list of the best internet marketing tools would be complete without these assets. Once you?ve built your online conversion machine, what we call a website, you?ll want to set aside time regularly to make enhancements and adjustments to the site to improve upon what you have. There?s no better place to start than by reviewing your analytics and keywords to make sure people are finding your site, they?re clicking where you want them to and that you?re maximizing your online potential. No one, in my opinion, is better at this than Google, and it gets better? it?s FREE!

Online marketing has come a LONG way over the last few years, and it?s only going to grow in a faster and more aggressive manner as businesses such as yours (and your competitors) clamor for that Page 1 space in the search engine results. The three products I?ve listed above are, in my opinion, the best internet marketing tools available, and for the foreseeable future I will integrate all three of them into each and every project I engage in here at Marketing Matters Inbound. Online success doesn?t come from luck. It takes focus, strategy and also a little help from software that the pros use.

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