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Online marketing has changed the way we all shop, communicate, gather information, and make buying decisions. Your online marketing is only effective if your website can be found online.? One of the most effective ways to get your website found is through search engine optimization.

hubspot demo request SEO toolSEO is one part art, one part science. Search engines take many factors into account when ranking a website. Crawlers will scan content for relevant terms, quality, page views, time spent on your pages, and even social engagement. One of the most effective ways to get your website found by potential consumers of your product or service is by using optimization techniques like keywords. Choosing and using them properly is the key to driving traffic to your site.

But how can you determine which keywords and phrases are going to be the most effective? By using keyword-tracking tools like Google AdWords, HubSpot?s Keyword Tool, and others, it?s possible to develop a list of words and phrases that when typed into the search engines will point the searchers to your site.

Let?s take a look at three of the best keyword tracking tools available to help you optimize your website and content.

  1. HubSpot?s Keyword Tool ? One frequent HubSpot demo request by customers is to explore their extensive Keyword Tool. HubSpot?s Keyword Tool is easy to use, thorough, and extremely effective at narrowing a list of relevant search terms for you. In just a few steps, the tool will help you to select the best keywords for your site. First, develop a list of words and phrases relevant to your business. Then simply type those words and phrases into the Keyword Tool and you can see how often people search those phrases and how they rank in search results. HubSpot?s tool will even suggest other related keywords and phrases for you to research. Contact us, and make a HubSpot demo request to learn more!
  1. Google Keyword Tool – Google?s tool is probably the best known free tool available. Because it?s tied directly into Adwords it uses the search frequency data from Google. One excellent feature is the ability to switch from a broad match, to exact or phrase match volumes. This means Google?s tool can focus on the best keywords and phrases with the highest overall volume for a particular niche. This can be tremendously valuable for SEO. The Keyword Tool also is able to analyze local search trends as it takes data directly from Google Insights.
  1. SEMRush ? SEMRush is a paid tool with a free option that?s very useful. One metric shows the number of results for any given search term in Google. This is useful because it shows you exactly how much competition is out there for a particular keyword or phrase. It actually goes beyond simply showing just the competitors. It also shows how many other pages are using a particular term in a way that Google finds relevant. SEMRush will also show a breakdown for related keywords, which can be extremely useful when building a PPC campaign.

These three options should cover most of your keyword search needs. While Google is a free tool, SEMRush is a paid service that offers a free component that is useful. HubSpot?s Keyword Tool is also a paid service but it’s probably the most powerful and easiest to use. If you?re interested in learning more about HubSpot?s Keyword Tool, contact us and make a HubSpot demo request.? It?s free and we?ll walk you through the program and show you how HubSpot can help you grow your business.

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