Internal Alignment

What We've Got Here Is Failure to Communicate!

Why can't Sales and Marketing just get along? Because neither one shares well.

First an organization must be objective and willing to look internally. It is possible to find a common ground through common goals. Then both Sales and Marketing share in the spoils.

Do You Have Inbound Brand Alignment?

No? Customers Hate That…

To say that efficiency comes from consistency is especially true online. You need online Brand Alignment

In the new world of Digitalism, Sales is as much your brand as Marketing. Yet, Sales and Marketing are rarely connected. If your Marketing department seamlessly connects Sales with customers, your company is internally aligned.

Walking the Talk

When combined with automation, Digital Brand Alignment can uncover hidden profit opportunities. Does your SEM messaging match your on-site messaging? Is your online sales funnel communication a race car or a go kart?

Every company suffers alignment gaps. It’s a matter of how big the gap is. Is your brand alignment gap a small chasm or the Grand Canyon?

Regardless, for Brand Alignment to occur, you must close that gap. If Sales and Marketing aren’t talking you’re out of alignment. When they’re in alignment your Inbound Conversion Machine is just humming along. Happy times, indeed.

No sharing goal-based data? Mis-aligned.
Not acting on information in a timely manner. You have an internal alignment gap. So you also have a brand alignment gap.

If your customers have a great online and onsite experience from Marketing and Sales only to be confounded by Customer Service, you have a different brand alignment gap.

Brand Alignment

A Brand Alignment study discovers customer messaging gaps between onsite and SEM. It looks at customer workflow gaps between marketing/sales. It searches for gaps in the online customer purchase cycle.

This includes the buying funnel from customer awareness through to re-purchase.

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What Inbound Alignment Looks Like

Marketing Meets Sales & Operations

Here’s what happens when you have great Inbound Alignment:

  • Authenticity – Customer experience matches desired perception.
  • Efficiency in Lead Hand-offs From Marketing to Sales
  • Integrated Internal Efforts (Operations/Sales/Marketing)
  • Better Internal Communications
  • Happy Customer Reviews

This is high level stuff and can get quite complicated. So feel free to call us if you wish to chat confidentially about your unique situation.

Suffer from lack of brand differentiation? Lack an online Unique Selling Proposition?

Schedule a visit from one of our Brand Strategists. We offer two onsite workshops.

  1. Brand Alignment By Creating a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
  2. Brand Alignment Gap Analysis

These are one-day, high-level workshop at your place or ours. We operate under the Paragon Principle in which Differentiation helps build Respect & Value. Attraction is the goal…attraction of loyal customers, great employees and a company culture that works for you and your team.

We can discuss internal and external messaging. Or maybe you need analysis of your current processes (where they fail and where they sail). Regardless, we’ll help you establish a Priority Plan of action.

One Day Workshops

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Our Place – $6,000

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Brand Alignment