Case Study: How to Convert 20% of Social Media Traffic into Leads

Social Media: Get that #BS Outta Here

social media– If you follow the news, last week a historic discovery was made?The Holy Grail was discovered in Spain! Shocking, I know. Apparently, Indiana Jones and rest of the scientific community just couldn?t find this holy relic?even though it was sitting in plain view in a church?s basement! ?So sorry, Dr. Jones!?

As you know, the Grail will give anyone who drinks from it eternal life?and yadadaada. So, that?s probably why there are hundreds of other claims as to the identity of the one true Grail.

Now let?s bring this conversation back to your marketing. There?s a whole lot of crap out there ? from the junk attempting to overtake your inbox, to the cat videos your friend posts on Facebook. There?s just so much information it?s hard to know what to invest your time into, aka your click.

Prove you have the Grail

If you practice an inbound marketing strategy, you know just how important a social media click can be. These visitors are engaged and probably already educated about your business. There is a much higher chance they will convert ? on average about 13% higher.

So, then what?s the problem? Ahhhh?in case you haven?t figured it out, this is the most efficient and least time consuming way to capture leads. It?s proving your content is important in the ever more censored landscape of Facebook.

That Darn Facebook

These days only about 8% of your Facebook ?Likes? will see a post you have shared and that number is being generous. Sometimes it is as low as 3%. See, Facebook knows that your Newsfeed is quickly becoming a tangled mess of news you don?t care about and status updates that make you want to poke your eyes out.

For the most part, the only updates you will see in your news feed have come from friends and brands you regularly interact with. Facebook just assumes that you don?t care about this information.

What I did

To achieve 20% conversion among social media visitors, I first needed to set a tone of value to my ?Likes?. To be blunt, most of the stuff shared by companies on Facebook really sucks. Honestly, does anyone really care that you wrote a new blog post? No, crap they need to navigate around. In my mind there are three types of content to share on Facebook.

1. Fun filler: This can be a silly picture, news from around the store, really just stuff. Sometimes your fun filled content will catch attention but it is really just informative. This can make up to 50% of what you post to an account.

2. Engagement: This is how you keep them coming back! These are giveaways or contests. Your social following needs to find value and think it?s awesome. I have found that professional sports tickets work best. You will literally have hundreds of captive audience members every week waiting looking for the ?carrot? you are dangling right in from of their face.?This can make up to 25% of what you post to an account.

3. Data collection: Now that your social followers are waiting for the bait, throw them the hook! Data collection posts can be a coupon, cool download or even a larger store promotion. See when you have a captive audience, that 8% of people seeing your posts tends to be higher. Meaning there are more fish available for you catch.?This can make up to 25% of what you post to an account.

My next steps

Now that I have been able to convert 20% of social traffic into leads, the next step is to increase the total number of social visitors. As long as I stay to the above proven formula of post type ratios, I do not see my conversion percentage changing much. Instead it is a matter of timing and tweaking the social calendar to share my data collection posts at the optimal time. Stay tune for more to come!

In the meantime?.choose your path wisely and download this free ebook:


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