Choosing the Right CTA for your Content

Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist

Calls to Action (CTAs) are the lifeblood of your conversion effort and the entry to your online lead funnel. Any conversion rate optimization specialist will tell you that the CTA you choose can make or break the lead generation potential of any content you publish!

Choosing the perfect CTA for your content is a simple, step-by-step process that begins by listing all of the marketing offers, specials, promotions, and premium content that you?ve published. Next, begin to narrow down this list to determine the offer that has the best lead generation potential for the specific content you?re attaching it to.

The process here is by no means etched in stone. Your specific business or industry may require you to tweak this process slightly. You may find that certain offers test better than others and that?s ok. The key is to define the steps that work best for your specific situation.

Step 1 ? Determine the Stage of the Sales Funnel

Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist CTAConsider the stage your prospect is entering in your sales funnel. For example, a first time visitor to your website may not act on a free trial offer if they know nothing about your products or services. They may, however want to deepen their relationship with your company if you offer a free white paper, eBook, or webinar where they can learn more about who you are and what you do.

Step 2 ? Identify the Target Persona Your Post is Designed to Reach

Consider the audience you’re trying to reach with your post. A conversion rate optimization specialist would suggest developing buyer personas. Personas are fictional archetypes of your ideal customer based upon your past sales and educated speculation. Put yourself in their shoes. What information would they be searching for that would lead them to your post? Use the knowledge you have about that particular persona and address your offer to their particular interests, needs, or pain points.

Step 3 ? Consider Your Offer Format

Are your customers more likely to respond to an offer for an eBook or template that they can use today, or will they be more interested in signing up for a free webinar in the?future? Examine your analytics to determine the format your visitors prefer by looking at click through and conversion rates of the various CTAs you?re currently offering. This is a good indicator of which format your visitors prefer.

Step 4 ? Consider the Subject Matter of Your Content

Your CTA should be relevant to the subject you?re writing about. The reader is on your site researching a particular subject. For example, if your blog post is about baking pies using all organic ingredients, offering an eBook of microwave baking tips might not be a great driver. But offering a list of local and?national?stores featuring?organic produce might cause them to click.

These are just a few steps you can use to narrow the focus of your CTAs. There are software options available that can even make your CTA process ?smart? and personalize the offer based upon the history your reader has with your website.? Known as smart or dynamic CTAs, it allows you to tailor your offer to match the specific stage of the sales process your visitor has entered.

If you?re unsure where to go next, consulting with a conversion rate optimization specialist, who can explain the process to you in more depth, may make sense. In any case, whether you choose your CTA manually step-by-step or dynamically using software, creating?CTAs that are relevant to readers?is a smart?strategy that will increase your success!

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