Content Marketing Ideas? The Importance of Content

Content Marketing Ideas Are About Far More Than Copywriting

Content Marketing Ideas | Cold Hard Truth-As a business owner, you have probably heard the words ?content? and ?content marketing? thrown around a lot. When it comes to Content Marketing Ideas, nearly everyone has one. What is the truth? What works for your business? Is there one solid path to Content Marketing success?

It is complicated. It depends. No.

Those probably are not the answers you want to hear. But, the good news is there are some universal truths abut Content Marketing. When it comes to Content Marketing Ideas for your business, it is possible to create a Content Marketing Strategy that will generate Leads, transform Prospects into Customers and turn your website into a Conversion Machine.

These cold hard truths about Content Marketing Ideas will help you identify what is right for your business? Inbound Marketing Strategy.

3 Cold Hard Truths About Content Marketing Ideas

Content Marketing Ideas Truth 1 ? Great Content Builds Relationships

Content, good content, builds relationships. We are not talking this fluff and filler nonsense. And we are certainly not talking about sales and pitches. That kind of showmanship should stay on the used car lot.

Content Marketing Ideas that matter, the ones which will make your business succeed, put your Customers? and Prospects? needs before your own. Yes, the goal is definitely to sell. It is certainly to make money. Shoot ? why would anyone be in business if they were not going to turn a profit?

But, and this is a big but, by focusing your Content Marketing Ideas on things that will give your Customers? and Prospects? value, you build trust. You create loyalty. You develop a brand which offers solutions.

Content Marketing Ideas Truth 2 ? Content Marketing Only Works If It Reaches Your Audience

Facebook. Twitter. Blogging. Email campaigns. Direct mail campaigns. Landing. Pinterest. Instagram. All of these platforms have one thing in common ? they are only useful if they reach your audience. You could have the best Content Marketing Ideas and Strategy in the world, but if you are not reaching your Clients and Prospects, your Marketing Strategy is about as useful as the gum stuck under a third graders desk.

While a lot of business may have a similar target audience, no two businesses are exactly alike and neither are their target audiences. Where your Customers and Prospects are can be wildly different than where Bobs Crab Shack?s customers spend their time and insanely different than where Rachel?s Auto?s customers engage on and off line.

Identify your target audience and engaging with them where they are is vital to utilizing those good Content Marketing Ideas.

Content Marketing Ideas Truth 3 ? Your Goals Should Guide Your Content

Without a clear idea of where you are headed chances are pretty good you will get lost. Not only do you need to define the goals of your Content Marketing Strategy, you need to use them as a guide when you develop your Content Marketing Ideas.

What message are you trying to send? Who do you want to reach?

You can participate on every platform under the sun, but if you do not have a purpose, your Customers and Prospects will know. Transparency is king when it comes to Content Marketing. If you do not have a solid belief in what you are trying to accomplish, people will know and they will tune you out.

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