Conversion Optimization Consultant: 10 Things to A/B Test on a Landing Page

Landing Page help from a Conversion Optimization Consultant

Inbound marketing is fluid. In order effective it?s important to constantly tweak and test various elements from headlines and copy, to CTAs and landing pages.

As you refine your elements, you should see an increase in traffic, engagement and conversions in your analytics. One way to move this refinement along is by conducting A/B tests on various elements of your inbound marketing.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a scientific process consisting?of creating two versions of an element and tracking visitor interactions to determine which is producing the best results.? A/B testing helps you to develop and refine your conversion strategy. Let?s look at your landing page elements.? When you?re working with a conversion optimization consultant, this is one place they will often start. Just a few tweaks to your landing pages can often make the difference between mediocre performance and turning your inbound marketing into a high-powered conversion machine!

10 Basic Landing Page Elements to Test

Conversion Optimization Consultant landing pageHere are ten elements to test that can help develop your conversion strategy. A conversion optimization consultant will be able to give you even more options. These are a great place to start!

1. ?Test your Headline.

Does a punchier headline work well, or perhaps something more descriptive??Does different messaging or descriptive language make a difference?

2. ?CTA button color

Your CTA should be prominent on your landing page. Simply changing the button color can increase conversions. Does your CTA button color stand out on your landing page, or is it distracting?

3. ?CTA Button Size

Is your button too small and getting lost on your page, or too large and overwhelming your copy?

4. ?CTA Button Copy

Are you detecting a pattern here? Your CTA is a vital element for conversion. Try different copy to make it more actionable. Make sure to clearly explain what will happen when visitors click.

5. ?Page Layout

Do more people convert when your call-to action or form is on the left of your, page? Right? Top? Bottom? Try experimenting with placement of your CTAs and forms on your landing pages.

6. ?Body Copy and Headline Font Size and Style

Is your headline bold enough and large enough to orient visitors to your page? Is the font simple or too complicated to read? Test!

7. ?Use Social Follow Buttons

Are you using social media buttons like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram on your landing pages? Does this gain you followers? Which are effective and which are simply redirecting visitors to your social media pages? Try placing them on your ?Thank You Pages? instead of your landing page.

8. ?Images

Are you using images and are they relevant to your offer, or distracting? Make sure your image enhances your landing page and doesn?t just distract visitors or worse yet, increase your page load time.

9. ?Image Captions

Try adding captions to?images. Test and see if this improves your conversion rate, or does it distract your visitors from converting?

10. ?Use of Dynamic, Rich Content Like Audio and Video

Would video?better demonstrate your offer’s value? Test and see if adding dynamic elements improve your conversion rates. Make sure to optimize any elements to keep your pages load time short.

These are just a few of the elements a conversion optimization consultant will examine to determine your landing pages effectiveness. If you are unsure how to get started, consider speaking with a professional conversion optimization consultant.

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