Conversion Optimization Consultant: Getting the Most from HubSpot Forms

Tip on HubSpot Forms from a Conversion Optimization Consultant

Conversion Optimization Consultant Getting the Most from HubSpot Forms Your inbound marketing is driving plenty of traffic to your landing pages, but visitors and not converting at a high rate.? You?ve A/B tested your elements and your CTAs seem to be generating clicks, but your conversions seem to end there.

Have you tested your forms? Ask any conversion optimization?consultant and they will tell you, ?Without effective forms, you?re not going to capitalize on the traffic you?re generating.”?Traffic is irrelevant if your visitors are not converting.? A well-optimized conversion path includes a well designed call-to-action for an offer visitors can?t resist leading to a sign-up form.

If you?ve tested and optimized your site, CTAs and landing pages and you?re still not converting visitors, it?s time to look at your forms.? Your forms are one of the most obvious and yet often overlooked elements for optimization. Without them, lead generation doesn?t exist. Let?s examine several ways you can optimize your HubSpot forms to increase your conversion rates.

1.?Placement counts

Forms above the fold increase engagement. Your form should be one of the first elements your visitor sees on your page. If your form is not obvious, they may read your information and not understand the next step to take, or how to receive the offer they?re interested in. Try A/B testing various locations to find the most effective, placement but make sure your form is above the fold.

2.?Make your form a call-to-action

Give visitors a final nudge by making your form an ?action step.? Try using a headline like ?Start Your Free Trial? or ?Yes, I?m interested in (your offer.)?Guide your visitors into your lead funnel using actionable CTAs and headlines.

3.?It?s a fine line between not enough and too much information!

You?ve probably heard the advice, ?keep your forms short to increase conversions.? While this is valid advice, it?s a fine line. You don?t want to discount your offer?s value by not asking for enough of a commitment from your visitor.? Ask for too much and visitors may balk. Slightly longer forms can also help qualify leads for your sales team.

The information can vary depending on the task. If for example, you are several layers deep into your lead funnel, you may want to ask for additional information to further qualify your prospect.? If your form is generating lots of unqualified leads, additional information can make your sales team?s job easier.

4. ?Make your ?submit? button close the deal!

Like your form?s headline, your submit button is another opportunity to spur action. It?s the last chance to convince visitors to take the time and fill out your form.? Customize your copy to fit the offer like, ?Download your free white paper? or ?save your seat? for a seminar. Your submit button is another call-to-action. Don?t overlook it!

5.?Let visitors know it?s safe to proceed

People are concerned about privacy.? Make sure you have a solid privacy policy and let your visitors know about it. Link your policy next to the email field on your forms. This will assure your visitors that their information is safe and that you do not share data with third parties. It adds to your credibility and can help make?visitors trust you. This step alone can?increase your conversion rate!

Optimizing forms can lead to higher conversions. A conversion optimization consultant can work with you to recognize more opportunities you may be missing. Want more information on how to turn your website into a conversion powerhouse? Download our ebook ?Firing up a Conversion Machine.? It?s full of information to help find opportunities you may be missing!

Marketing Matters Inbound?is an inbound marketing firm specializing in online conversions, content?strategy, PPC campaigns and traditional media placement. Our experience in?B2B digital?marketing?and?traditional media?allows us to deliver results through a strategic media mix. We believe in?aligning and merging marketing and sales/operations for optimal return on your marketing investment.

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