Conversion Optimization Consultant: Inbound Marketing Terminology to Know

Learn the Language of a Conversion Optimization Consultant

If you’re new to inbound marketing, you may be having trouble getting a grip on all the inbound terminology. You may think that inbound has its own language. It’s true that inbound has some unique jargon, but that terminology has value. It’s the framework upon which every successful inbound campaign is based. If you can master the “language” of inbound marketing, you’ll be more aligned for success.

Here are 13?of the most important inbound marketing terms:

A/B Testing. This is simply the process of testing different variations of the same element to see what works best. Test landing pages, ads, social messaging, autoresponders, and more to identify which converts the best.

Blogging. The foundation of any inbound campaign, blogging helps amplify your message. It also improves your search engine ranking. Regular blogging is a critical component of your inbound strategy.

Call-to-action. The call-to-action is what turns anonymous website visitors into real, actionable leads. It’s an offer of something of value – usually content – in exchange for information, like an email address.

Closed-loop marketing. You execute closed loop marketing when you can trace the complete marketing path, from lead generation to the bottom line. A robust inbound analytics platform can give you the data and pipeline visibility you need to close your marketing loop.

Conversion path.?This is a series of events that results in the capture of a new lead. It could be as simple as a button that leads to a landing page. Or, it could be more complex and involve multiple offers, landing pages, and automated emails.Conversion Optimization Consultant

Content. This is the broad term for the informational value that you offer to your audience. It’s distributed through emails, social media channels, your blog and a wide variety of other platforms.

Email. You know what email is. You just may not know how valuable it is. Every conversion optimization consultant will tell you that regular email outreach to your leads is the key to converting them into customers.

Facebook. It’s not just for sharing pictures of your cat. Facebook is the dominant social media platform and has to be a central part of any inbound campaign. Whether you’re looking to grow your audience organically or through paid ads, Facebook can make it happen.

Landing page. A landing page is unique page that serves an ultra-specific purpose. It’s usually tied to an ad or social media link. When visitors arrive, they can only follow one route, which helps guide them along your conversion path.

Optimization.?You may know this as SEO, or search engine optimization. It’s the process of making sure your website’s framework and content can be easily indexed by search engines.

Persona. Inbound campaigns are always more successful when they speak directly to the buyer. You co that by creating buyer personas, which help you connect with your audience’s needs, desires, and goals.

PPC. The acronym for pay per click, which is the type of advertising you can use to drive tons of traffic to your site. Careful, though. Make sure your content and conversion path is ready for primetime before you invest in ads.

YouTube. The largest online video platform in the world is also the second largest search engine. It gets boatloads of traffic and should be part of any campaign.

Now that you understand some of the most important inbound marketing terms, you can review and analyze your inbound strategy. You may benefit from an inbound marketing assessment. Take our free inbound survey and then talk about the results with a conversion optimization consultant. They can identify gaps in your strategy and identify areas for improvement.

Marketing Matters Inbound?is an inbound marketing firm specializing in online conversions, content?strategy, PPC campaigns and traditional media placement. Our experience in?B2B digital?marketing?and?traditional media?allows us to deliver results through a strategic media mix. We believe in?aligning and merging marketing and sales/operations for optimal return on your marketing investment.

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