Conversion Rate Optimization: 6 Reasons Your Visitors Aren’t Converting

Avoid These Six Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes

conversion rate optimization– Taking your business online is a major step for your company. Yet after pouring all of that money into your site and your search engine optimization efforts, when you find that you have tons of traffic, but no Conversions, you are left scratching your head. Is your investment going to pay off? If you invest in Conversion Rate Optimization, it can, as long as you avoid these common errors.

1. Too Much Information

People who visit your site are very susceptible to information overload. Inbound Marketing requires content, but too much content is detrimental. Don’t give people too much text to wade through just to figure out who you are and what to offer.

If you partner with a Conversion Marketing Firm, you can find out exactly where people are prone to abandon your site, or how long they view it before they leave, so you can trim the information, tailor it better to your Conversion Rate Optimization goals and make it more effective.

2. Site is Hard to Navigate

So you’ve gotten a visitor to your site and engaged them with your service and they are ready to buy, yet your Conversion Rate Optimization reports show that they are leaving without a purchase.

Can they find the “buy now” button? Can they navigate the shopping cart? Internet users can be lazy sometimes, so make your site easy to navigate. Website Conversion Architecture requires a carefully structured flow for the user.

3. Inappropriate Calls-To-Action

Your Call-To-Action is the point where you point your customer to make a purchase or sign up for your service, and it is vital to your Conversion Rate Optimization efforts. If you are lacking Conversions, take a look at your Call-To-Action.

Are the buttons easy to find? Do you direct people there logically? If you want to increase website Conversions, put more focus on building effective Calls-To-Action.

4. You Aren’t Unique

The online marketplace is a highly competitive one. Conversion Rate Optimization requires you to show your Visitors what makes your site unique.

What is your unique selling point, and how does it apply to your target market? Show your Visitors what makes you stand apart, so they understand why they need to shop with you and not your competition.

5. You Can’t Be Contacted

Leaving off your phone number and physical address when you take your company online is tempting, but could hurt Conversion Rate Optimization efforts. If people don?t see a phone number and physical address, they may feel skeptical about working with you.

6. Ads and Landing Pages Don’t Match

Inbound Marketing Conversion begins with ads that lead people to your landing page. When you bring people to your site through a PPC ad, the landing page needs to match the content of the ad. If people land on your landing page and are confused because they see nothing they thought they would after reading the ad, they will abandon your site. Improve Content Marketing Optimization by building landing pages that match ads.

Conversion Rate Optimization requires careful planning and ongoing analytics.

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