Conversion Rate Optimization: Defining Objectives and KPIs

Conversion Rate Optimization: Turning Prospects Into Customers

conversion rate optimization– One of the key indicators that contributes to the success of a website or marketing campaign is the ability to make the seamless transition from site Visitors to actual Clients or Leads.

While there are many ways to invite a targeted public to a web destination, getting them to make a purchase, or download a marketing deliverable, can be a bit more complex than merely owning a domain – no matter how impressive it might appear.

The ability to make a Conversion, from mildly interested consumer to purchaser, shows that your website is doing more for your business than being a landing page for search engines. It can undoubtedly mean the difference between your Company being small and localized, to climbing its way into the Fortune 500.

The Elements of Conversion Rate Optimization

No matter what service or product you’re supplying, a common objective of every business is to build a relationship with your Customer base, and then make a sale. Marketing these products through email newsletters, app downloads, eBooks, white papers and outright purchases is how you stay afloat.

Conversion is a website’s ability to make the site traffic that it already has more effective in its approach to achieving the final result – the purchase.

In order to create a Conversion, a business must first know what determines and drives its current revenue. It may be that your Company thrives on making lifetime customers, large purchases or having a high number of individual sales. Being aware of the specifics of your business goals, and how that ultimately develops into a substantial profit, should be the first step.

Secondly, have an idea of what your site is already doing well, in terms of Content Strategy, site architecture and optimization. What are the items that need immediate addressing and how will you solve them? Conversion is more effective when you are able to first indicate to the viewer that you are a Company or brand to be taken seriously.

What ties them together is making first-class marketing deliverables that indicate to the Visitor they are not only in the right place that contains useful information, but you are also the authority on quality and reliability. Nothing is more important than standing out among the competition in your industry by making your destination the finish line for your product or service.

Highlighting Conversion Objectives Through KPI’s

conversion rate optimizationHaving a high number of Visitors to your site isn’t necessarily going to suggest that you’re meeting your sales goals. It’s important to understand what is, or isn’t, working on your site to attract Customers or potential Leads. KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) help web businesses understand where their successes are coming from, as well as what changes need to be made in order to retain or build their current client base.

What are KPI’s? Here are a few of the items that are crucial for every business, both large and small:

  • Site traffic – The number of Visitors to your site
  • Page views per visit – What pages are being looked at frequently by new, or returning, Customers
  • Traffic source – Where the visits are linking from (i.e. social media, PPC, newsletters, backlinks, etc.)
  • Time on site – How much time each person is spending on your website
  • Unique or returning Visitors – Are you reaching new potential Customers or maintaining your clients?

While there are many more KPI’s that exist, knowing these basic indicators, and how they contribute to your Company’s bottom line, will change the way you market your business online.

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