Conversion Rate Optimization: Reducing Bounce and Exit Rates

Improving your Conversion Rate Optimization

conversion rate optimziationYou already know about the importance of search engine optimization to obtain new Prospects, but did you know that Conversion Rate Optimization is just as important? Drawing in thousands of Leads that flounder on your site does not drive revenue. The right Conversion Architecture can help create a setting that seamlessly transitions Leads into Customers.

What is Conversion Architecture?

Conversion Architecture engages Visitors to your site, making frequent contact and drawing them into your sales funnel. Your Content, Calls-To-Action and website design all work together to encourage Prospects to take a next step at every entry point.

Monitoring all of the data needed to ensure the best Conversion Architecture can be problematic, making working with a Conversion Optimization Consultant a crucial part of your strategy.

What does a Conversion Optimization Consultant Offer?

?Conversion Optimization Consultants monitor data to determine:

  • Visitor entry point
  • Length of stay
  • Behavior flow
  • Bounce rate
  • Purchase page engagement

By tracking this data, your consultant can make suggestions that will improve the Conversion rate for each page on your site. Conversion Rate Optimization requires constant assessment to develop the most effective Inbound Marketing Strategy.

conversion rate optimizationTracking your Conversion Rate Optimization

A major part of any Inbound Marketing Strategy starts with data. Before you can make changes to improve engagement and reduce bounce rates, you need to know what pages are successful, and what pages drive Prospects away. Start by taking a good look at your click through rates for each of the pages’ Call-To-Action. This will allow you to search for points of commonality.

Are your Customers more interested in How-to guides, or do they respond best to a question and answer format? For Conversion Rate Optimization, you need to figure out which content drives the highest number of Conversions, and which Calls-To-Action create the most engagement.

Finding the Right Call to Action

Industry Best Practices for Inbound Marketing call for the inclusion of a Call-To-Action as part of all marketing activities. After all, you can not generate Conversions if the Customer doesn’t know what you want them to do. Do you want your Conversion Rate Optimization to improve click-throughs, the number of completed forms, sales or the number of subscriptions? Once you know what your goal is, you can assess your site with that in mind.

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