Conversion Rate Optimization: What is the Conversion Funnel?

What is the Conversion Funnel?

conversion rate optimization– The conversion funnel is a term used in internet marketing to describe consumers? passage through the the various stages of the sales cycle, from surfing the web to looking around on the landing page, and finally making a purchase. Conversion rates for each stage drop as consumers are pushed through the funnel.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is a fancy term for keeping your website user friendly, making regular updates to your landing page, improving your affiliate marketing campaign to target more specific personas, and the like; anything to improve your conversion rate.

The Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

A Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) audit allows users to benchmark the efficacy of each facet of their conversion rate optimization campaign by affording them complete transparency throughout the conversion funnel, from start to finish. CRO auditing tools are designed to determine which facets of your campaign are in need of revising, generating forecast models and running demographic data from numerous sources to unveil complex algorithms in consumer psychology, without your input.

Facilitating Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization relies upon two things: the marriage of your consumers’ needs to your product?s ability to satisfy them, and strategy. Here are some things to consider as you set out to improve your conversion rate optimization:

Determine Your Goals

Before you can bring the various facets of your advertising campaign into agreement with your initiatives, you need to have a clear understanding of what those initiatives are. This crucial first step is the foundation upon which the remaining facets of your campaign will rest. Conduct an honest appraisal of your company infrastructure, set both short and long term goals and develop a realistic timeline for achieving those goals.

Manage Your CRO Audit

Once you have identified your initiatives, you must identify the various facets of your inbound marketing campaign which support those initiatives.

This is where your CRO audit comes into play.

To facilitate ease of use, most tools for CRO auditing allow users to configure their audit to display only the information most relevant to improving their conversion, per variable. This saves time.

On the other hand, allowing the tool in question to audit all facets of your campaign will eliminate the human element.

Configuration is not recommended. Instead, consider the following variables:


Certain apps are designed to display source information for traffic to your website as well as corresponding conversion rates for each source. This information can be used to determine which pages are performing well, and which pages are not. Consider the traffic sources with poor performance and match them to their corresponding landing pages. The resolution of missed opportunity on these pages will become the focus of your CRO Audit.

Resolving Missed Opportunities

Conversion Rate Optimization can be achieved in a number of ways. The results of your audit will give you direction as to how to achieve the following ideals:

1. Each step that consumers follow through the conversion funnel must be essential to the conversion effort. Extraneous steps will lower your conversion rates.

2. Each step should inspire confidence in your brand, product and website

3. Do not request more information than is necessary to complete conversion.

Also, research competitor websites to isolate the strategies which afforded them significant resolution of missed opportunity on their own landing pages.

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