Create a Strategic Inbound Marketing Plan

Looking to improve your company website? Develop a strategic Inbound Marketing plan.

Here are 3 things to consider in your inbound marketing strategy:

1. Attract Traffic
2. Cause Conversions
3. Measure R.O.I.

Good Inbound Marketing Plans Start With Good Strategy

shutterstock_129080291Effective inbound marketing strategy?attracts. An Inbound Marketing ?plan creates a system in which prospects and customers find your website more easily and the path towards purchase is as friction-less as possible. ?A well-designed Inbound system enables you to collect prospect data and track customers throughout their purchase path.

Inbound is a cost-efficient form of marketing that has surpassed the irrelevant outbound marketing strategies of old while connecting the online digital components. ?Rather than seeking customers via traditional advertising (e.g. print media, television, telemarketing, spamming emails, direct mail, etc.), inbound marketing attracts customers to your website, then encourages online interaction.

The first goal of Inbound Marketing is to attract online Users to your site. They become Visitors, thereby widening the scope at the top of your sales funnel.

Smart PPC & dynamic display campaigns attract. Strong SEO attracts.

Best practices for Inbound Marketing SEO Attraction call for content strategy?and content marketing (i.e. white papers, infographics, podcasts, blogs, eBooks, etc.) Create great content, then share throughout social networks like (Facebook/Twitter) and news aggregates (Reddit/Digg). ?As your content’s shared, you create backlinks and buzz around your site…two things that generate tons of traffic.

SEM and SEO play a big roles in attracting prospective customers. SEM attracts similar online Users to a contextual landing page on your site. SEO is the means by which your site is optimized to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). When you rank higher, prospects are able to find your site before they find competitors websites. You have practiced attractive marketing.

Strategic Marketing Plan-Conversions

Strategic Marketing Plan Inbound MarketingAfter attracting a Visitor the objective is to convert to a Lead. The Lead will be nurtured toward a sale. This nurturing & conversion occurs through the strength and relevance of your content. ?A strong inbound marketing plan involves content strategy. That strategy dictates your content creation.

Content is organized based on a prioritization of the products/services you wish to sell. Content is created based on the needs of Visitors and Leads. ?Content Flow is designed to embrace visitors in order to share offerings (Free Trial, Downloadable, Exclusive offer) in exchange for contact information. This is achieved by improving UX through a CTA Map.

Based on what the Visitors and Leads tell us through their online habits and their navigation paths, you create content that nurtures a Lead toward a sale.

Smart Inbound refrains from mass blasting sales messages to anyone and everyone. Rather, it involves responsible consumer data collection and appropriate dissemination of content based on that data.

The more information we know about our prospective customers, the more relevant the content we can provide. This builds trust. That trust is reinforced when we respect the needs of our prospects. This trust is cemented when we serve up interesting, relevant and timely Content based on what VISITORS want, not what we’re pushing to sell that day.

Strategic Marketing Plan- Measure ROI

Tracking the consumer purchase journey helps to maximize your ROI; Visitor traffic and lead conversion rates are measured against pre-set goals outlined in the Inbound Strategic Marketing Plan. Now you know exactly how cost-effective your marketing efforts are. Inbound marketing tools like Hubspot help you easily chart success.

You’re able to clearly see exactly which Inbound Marketing efforts are working and which are under-performing. Easily see which content attracts best for each target persona demographic. Immediately know which campaigns perform best. Replicate online success. Maximize profits.

How? By Using this customer information and analytics data, we can tweak marketing campaigns in real time to improve conversions success. ?An inbound marketing consultant can provide objective, intelligent insights to implement superior inbound marketing strategies, increasing your conversions and profits.

Strategic Inbound Marketing Plan- What are the Benefits??

An effective inbound marketing strategy creates conversations between your prospect and your company. Creating this two-way communication is no longer a luxury; it’s mandatory to stay atop your industry today and remain competitive tomorrow. ?Because of the nature of the Internet, attracting Visitors to your site from the big three sources (search engine marketing (SEM), social media sites and referrals) and converting through great content, increases your chance of success in today’s uber-competitive, data-driven online economic model.

Removing (or failing to add) just one of these three components from your strategic marketing plan will substantially increase the chance that your company will fail over the next few years. Not investing in content creation compounds the chance of failure. Regardless, your company will never reach its full sales and earning potential without a sound strategic Inbound Marketing plan in place.

Bottom line: If you’re not playing with an inbound marketing strategy on your side, you’re not really even in the game at this point. ?So don’t just get in the game, own it.


Relax. You now have a plan.


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