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Hubspot?was founded in 2006. Employees are now over 650. Main office in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with branches in Dublin, Ireland and Sydney, Australia. They have over 11,000 customers in 70 countries.

InfusionSoft was founded in 2001 and is now based in Chandler, Arizona. They currently have over 450 employees. The company’s primary focus is on delivering web-based marketing solutions and customer relationship management software to small to medium sized businesses. They presently have over 6,500 clients worldwide.


ProCRM Software Reviews

  • offers excellent filter to effectively separate leads into conversion priority
  • instant notification of when sent emails are opened or clicked &?email integration into CRM dashboard
  • allows phone calls originating from CRM dashboard
  • offers precise measurement of sales & marketing funnel with Lifecycle tool
  • no require data entry; rather, pulls info for immediate viewing
  • delivers sequential on-screen history of all contacts, separated into type (e.g., phone, email etc.)
  • CRM integrated into your website
  • automatically includes company demographic info for each new contact
  • automatically presents relevant social media profile information
  • enables seamless integration with inbound marketing CMS ? migrating data easily


  • lacks a robust SEM feature which?permits?paid search campaign management
  • somewhat complex in integrating system features with other CRM software
  • blogging platform is not rich in features, lacking wide customization potential & basic functionality


  • $200 ? basic: 100 included contacts, 3 user limit
  • $800 ? professional: 1,000 included contacts, unlimited users
  • $2400 ? enterprise: 10,000 included contacts, unlimited users



  • CRM system is integrated with their contact management system (CMS), simplifying sales management processes
  • analytic structure allows for tracking and full reporting on your entire history with customers; from initial contact to sale conversion
  • an eCommerce component that offers a unique type of marketing functionality
  • dashboard functions enable automated task scheduling
  • includes an ROI report so you can gauge performance throughout customer life cycle
  • extensive help center with videos and 24 customer support
  • sophisticated customer scoring system
  • features an instant payment ? with direct deposit
  • campaign builder feature has useful drag & drop functionality
  • scalable structure conducive to growing business environment


  • lacks wide variety of email broadcast templates
  • does not allow for email broadcasting to multiple clients within the same general account
  • spotty accounting software integration
  • requires hosting order forms on their site
  • default reports somewhat superficial
  • requires InfusionSoft API to enable synching with external dashboard system for visualizations


  • $199 month: 2,500 clients / 12,500 emails / 3 users
  • $299 month: 5,000 clients / 25,000 emails / 4 users
  • $379 month: 10,000 clients / 50,000 emails / 5 clients


HubSpot is relatively new to the CRM landscape, but has really hit-the-ground-running with a product that requires less training to put into use. This allows companies to have their sales reps start using it from day one without having to do a lot of complicated and time consuming customization. That means it’s perfect for enterprises new to CRM, or ones underutilizing an existing application.

InfusionSoft is a good CRM product for small to medium size enterprises, but not suited for large companies of over 500 employees. There is a fairly significant learning curve in getting up-to-speed with the software’s features and capabilities, but once conquered is essentially user-friendly. Overall, an excellent option for start-ups and businesses still experiencing initial growth spurt.?Looking for more CRM Software Reviews? Download our CRM eBook to compare other leading software.

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