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CRM Software Reviews

Marketing automation may turn online visitors into actionable leads. However, you need a robust CRM package to turn those leads into customers. Hubspot unveiled their CRM platform earlier this year. CRM software is a logical next step for the company, which already dominates the marketing automation space. The platform has benefited from largely positive CRM software reviews. Given that Hubspot is new to the CRM space, we thought it would be helpful to see how their new product stacks up against more established CRM systems, such as Leadmaster.

Leadmaster CRM Software Reviews

Leadmaster was one of the earliest companies to use an online system to bridge the gap between sales and marketing. The company was founded in 1998 and quickly established itself as a leader in the CRM space.

Today, leadmaster’s platform is completely web-based. It includes many of the features that one would expect from a robust CRM system, including:

  • Lead scoring. You can set up your own criteria to determine how hot, warm, or cold a lead may be. The software will then score each contact that you and your team have with a prospect. When a lead reaches a certain score, you’ll be notified to take action.
  • Management analytics and reporting. Leadmaster offers the ability to build a customize a large number reports, which gives you a clear view into your pipeline. Managers and sales team members alike can see what’s in the pipeline and what action is needed to reach goals.
  • Email management. Any user can send emails from inside the platform, which makes it simple to record those activities in the CRM. There are also many email templates which sales people can use to send out mass emails to leads, prospects, and clients.

One of the biggest advantages to using Leadmaster is its price, which starts at $80 per user per month. Of course, that low cost comes with a few disadvantages. Leadmaster is really designed for manual lead entry. It doesn’t integrate as well with online inbound marketing campaigns. Although it can connect with a landing page submission form, it doesn’t work as seamlessly as Hubspot and other systems do.

HubSpot?CRM Software Reviews

Hubspot was founded in 2006 as a marketing automation software company. Since then, it’s grown to dominate the marketing automation market, producing one of the most popular and widely used platforms available. It’s new CRM software works hand-in-hand with the automation software, giving you a robust package that can close the loop on the sales cycle. Here are some of the highlights of the CRM software.

  • Marketing automation integration. Perhaps the biggest reason to use Hubspot’s CRM is that it integrates fully with the company’s marketing software. That means you can follow a lead through every stage of the sales cycle. You can use the automation software to draw them into your site and convert them into a lead. You can then use the CRM to get your sales team involved and close the sale.
  • Company insights. Hubspot offers an innovative feature called Insights that allows you to glean information about any company from their website. Insights aggregates information and then makes it available to you as you click on certain links on that company’s site. You and your team can then be more informed about the company before you make contact.

While Leadmaster has been around for a while, Hubspot seems to offer the more complete solution. It offers everything that Leadmaster has, plus some innovative new features. If you’re committed to inbound marketing, then Hubspot will likely be the better solution for you.

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