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Inbound marketing has emerged as the most effective method for businesses of every description to promote their products in an age when most people use the internet and social media to research information on virtually everything. And as each company’s online presence begins to grow, the ability to effectively engage in customer relationship management (CRM) is becoming critical in converting the resulting leads into satisfied customers.

Oracle’s Service Cloud is one of the newest initiatives to take up this challenge, and we continue our CRM software reviews with a comparative look at how it stacks up against HubSpot’s product.

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HubSpot was founded as an inbound marketing company in 2006 by two entrepreneurs from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Originally their target market was small companies of up to 10 employees, but they have expanded that outreach goal to embrace mid-sized businesses employing up to 1,000 people. HubSpot now has over 650 employees spread between their Cambridge, Massachusetts main office and branches in Sydney and Dublin. With over 11,000 clients across 70 countries, HubSpot has grown steadily and held it IPO in mid-2014.

Oracle is a computer technology company founded in 1977 and currently headquartered in Redwood Shores, California. With over 100,000 employees and yearly income regularly toping $10 billion, it is perhaps the biggest corporations in the field. This component of the company was originally RightNow Technologies and was acquired by Oracle in 201. It offers cloud based marketing entity focused on social media, web, and contact center components.



  • offers a unified desktop experience brings all applications together
  • desktop is customizable to your specific business need
  • integrates client social media activity into analytics that according to many CRM software reviews enable predictive responses
  • includes live agent chat assistance
  • empowers agents to screen-share with clients
  • mobile functionality was loved in most CRM software reviews
  • includes self-learning capabilities
  • adaptable to any size enterprise


  • lacks merge feature for contacts
  • multi-language element is confusing and hard to adapt to existing workflows
  • has a pre-set order flow function that is non-flexible
  • slow page load times


  • $90 month ? Standalone agent desktop ? chat/analytics/cloud platform
  • $110 month ? Standard dynamic agent ? dynamic agent desktop/enhanced cloud platform
  • $140 month ? Enterprise desktop ? social monitor/outreach/feedback
  • $250 & up ? Enterprise contact center ? product registration/chat



  • easy integration with existing website
  • useful lead to conversion analytic filter
  • excellent tools for viewing client history
  • effective data migrating to reduce need for redundant input functions
  • segregates contact type into categories (email, phone, social)
  • notifies sales reps when sent emails are opened and read
  • pulls company info for new clients from same entity
  • can perform all contact activity direct from dashboard


  • non-robust analytics
  • costly help feature if you need it
  • not adaptable to larger enterprises
  • statistics component overly simplistic inhibiting deep analysis


  • $200 month – Basic ? maximum 3 users & 100 contacts
  • $800 month ? Professional ? unlimited users with up to 1,000 contacts
  • $2400 month ? Enterprise ? unlimited users and up to 10,000 contacts


HubSpot is an excellent CRM tool for small and medium sized businesses offering good integration with existing softwares and workflows. Most CRM software reviews found it very user friendly for sales reps in terms of reducing redundancy of time consuming little steps like logging contact information. Offers excellent conversion rate tracking.

Oracle Service Cloud is a competitively priced platform adaptable to any sized company. It includes excellent self-teaching elements, customizable desktop components, leaves a little to be desired regarding analytic capabilities than many other CRM options.

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