CRM Software Reviews: Oracle Siebel vs HubSpot

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Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are a big digital initiative for today?s companies ? and where demand increases, supply increases. CRM software reviews provide a tool for sifting through the choices.

A comparison between Oracle Siebel and HubSpot is especially interesting. Before it was acquired by Oracle in 2005, Siebel was the leader in CRM software. Since then, Oracle Siebel has held the top spot for enterprise-level CRMs, but its reputation for high-risk, expensive deployments has marked it as a tool for enterprise-level users only. Failed implementations created a frustrated user community that helped sky-rocket the growth of SAAS CRM systems. Conversely, HubSpot has just entered the CRM space with HubSpot itself one of those quickly growing SAAS providers, and it?s seen as the emerging leader in the SAAS marketing sector.

CRM software reviews give us some points to help us view Oracle Siebel versus HubSpot for CRM.

Oracle Siebel


  • Oracle’s Siebel CRM is the leader for the financial services industry because it offers strong field campaign management to accommodate bank branches, insurance offices and investment broker offices.
  • To compete in the SAAS arena, Siebel provides a hybrid model with the option of working online or offline, hosted by Oracle or by you on your premises.
  • Oracle Siebel has industry specific options including automotive, telecom and pharmaceutical, so your system can be set up with the functionality required for a particular industry. This means that Siebel can provide industry specific capabilities without adding third-party products.
  • The customer service with Oracle Siebel is hard to beat. If you have problems with marketing, sales, customer service, or even Outlook, you call Oracle for support.


  • As mentioned, Siebel is plagued with risky and expensive implementations. This drawback makes it a gamble for small to medium size companies.
  • Siebel started in the client-server world and is supporting its clients that are comfortable with that world. The software?s progress into the social and mobile realm of today?s internet tends to be patches to existing processes rather than designed like its competition.

HubSpot CRM


  • Rather than an industry specific deployment, HubSpot CRM is designed to focus on your customer data. It provides your sales reps with specific customer information before they?re on the phone with your customers.
  • HubSpot CRM takes advantage of HubSpot?s place in the internet world and integrates websites and social media automatically into your customer data.
  • Based on market share, HubSpot is the third largest marketing automation tool. In consumer reviews it regularly ranks highest as an overall marketing tool and is the best at bringing all the tools together.
  • HubSpot CRM?s behind the scenes data gathering and 360 degree dashboard view makes it easy to learn and lets you get started using it quickly.
  • In online marketing tools, HubSpot is the best solution for small to medium size businesses. And HubSpot CRM is free, making it the best ROI tool out there.


  • With HubSpot CRM in limited Beta release, it?s hard to get a good comparison to other CRMs. Current HubSpot users have access and will be the ones to review, but they?re coming from a bias as HubSpot devotees. A full version is to be launched in 2015 to everyone.


The CRM software reviews comparing Oracle Siebel and Hubspot come down to old establishment versus ?new kid in town.? It?s an apples to oranges comparison – the strengths fall to each where they?re most comfortable. For enterprise and large businesses, Seibel may have the edge. But for small to medium businesses that want access to internet tools and marketing channels, HubSpot is the one to go with. If you are looking into a new CRM system, or want to compare what you already have. Download our FREE CRM eBook!

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