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As the effectiveness and reach of inbound marketing continues to become evident to a steadily increasing number of businesses, the need to efficiently manage the resulting growing customer base is frequently the next thing to appear on many company’s agenda. To meet this need, many customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions have emerged to assist marketing departments with keeping everything in focus.

Since CRM software reviews are one of the first places many marketers rely on to help them determine which is the right choice for their situation, we’ll take a look at two of the most popular options out there today: Salesforce and HubSpot.

Company Overviews

Salesforce is a publicly traded cloud computing company founded in 1999 and based in San Francisco. With over 12,000 employees spread across branch offices in more than 25 countries, and assets approaching $10 billion along with over 100,000 clients, it has also been consistently identified?in CRM software reviews as one of the best places in the industry to work.

HubSpot was founded in 2006 and began as an inbound marketing company with a primary focus on small business solutions. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with branches in Australia and Ireland, the company has grown rapidly and recently expanded into CRM as well. With over 600 employees and 11,000 clients in 70 countries, HubSpot has build a solid reputation for creative innovation, as reported in many CRM software reviews. It?went public with its IPO in mid-2014.



  • cloud based application can be accessed from anywhere ? excellent for mobile users
  • no hardware or software required
  • effective tracking of all sales activity from lead generation to customer conversion
  • comprehensive customer marketing data ? includes all contact points
  • provides large range of customization without complex codes
  • scalable platform adaptable to any size business environment and workflow
  • supports all browsers
  • first-rate lead routing for quick response times from sale agents

CONCRM Software Reviews:

  • has some problems with data duplication relating to accounts and contacts
  • user interface is complex and requires steep, time consuming, learning curve
  • non-competitive and confusing pricing for small businesses
  • updates are frequently required due to database type

Pricing (monthly)

  • $25 per user ? Basic ? account & contact management
  • $65 user ? Complete ? campaigns/mass email
  • $125 use ? Customizable ? enterprise territory management
  • $250 user ? Unlimited ? over 100 admin services



  • easy merging with existing websites
  • good tools for measuring movement of leads to sales
  • excellent analytic filters for determining campaign effectiveness
  • first-rate integration with inbound marketing components
  • contact outreach functionality direct from dashboard
  • outstanding contact history component
  • social media tracking and prediction tools
  • no data duplication issues


  • page editing sometimes requires repeating steps in different pages
  • updates can get stuck in cache
  • initial learning process somewhat complicated


  • $200 ? Basic ? 3 users with 100 permitted contacts
  • $800 ? Professional ? unlimited users and 1,000 contacts
  • $2400 ? Enterprise ? unlimited users and 10,000 contacts


Salesforce is an excellent cloud based application that is effectively optimized for use with any browser. It’s a great tool for a mobile sales force. Adaptable to different business sizes, many CRM software reviews emphasize the attractiveness of its scalability – allowing a growing small business to gradually implement different elements.

HubSpot is a good solution for small to medium sized companies with excellent tools designed to make a marketing agent’s jobs easier by reducing data entry and delivering a user interface that many CRM software reviews simply loved. Nicely functioning dashboard with good presentation of pending tasks and client data.

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