Demo Request: Does HubSpot Integrate with CRMs?

CRMs and a HubSpot Demo Request

HubSpot Demo Request CRMAs we?ve come to rely more heavily on online marketing, it?s become necessary to integrate lead management into our everyday business practice. For many businesses, that means implementing customer relationship management (CRM) software to track interactions and build data on contacts, customers, and leads.

You?re probably using some form of marketing software along with your CRM package. If you?re not, HubSpot offers an integrated platform for online marketing and analysis that is one of the best in the industry. Many businesses that use a CRM system could benefit from integrating their package with the HubSpot marketing platform to increase the effectiveness of their online efforts.? HubSpot makes keeping track of all of your information easier and will integrate with a number of CRM packages to allow the two to ?talk? to one other in a powerful way.

If you?re not familiar with HubSpot, contact us and make a HubSpot demo request. We?ll be happy to show you the benefits HubSpot can bring to your online marketing!

Benefits of HubSpot/CRM Integration

There are several key benefits to integrating your CRM package with HubSpot. First, integration will benefit both your sales and marketing teams. Your sales force can access and use HubSpot?s contact intelligence to work leads within your CRM without logging on to HubSpot.

Marketing will have access to HubSpot?s in depth analysis functions to truly be able to determine which campaigns are most effective at generating qualified leads. This allows your team to determine accurate ROI and see how your visitors came to your site and what steps it took for them to convert through the use of closed loop reporting.

Your sales team can benefit from HubSpot?s automated lead entry. Leads that come into your site are automatically entered into your CRM. That means no more missed leads due to human error. HubSpot also provides additional information when integrated with your CRM including:

  • All contact info provided through form fills
  • Source information
  • First visit date
  • First conversion date and time
  • Last conversion event and date
  • HubSpot qualification score

One area of contention between sales and marketing revolves around lead qualification. HubSpot?s Lead Intelligence removes the guesswork from qualification. Leads can be converted in a number of ways such as filling out a lead capture form on your site, or by simply importing leads into HubSpot.? Your lead can then be analyzed and?includes?detailed information like pages viewed, forms completed, social media details, and any email communication. HubSpot also identifies when a lead returns to your site.?Leads can then be automatically assigned to the correct sales person based upon programmed lead assignment rules.

HubSpot integrates with a number of the top CRM programs including:

  • Salesforce
  • SugarCRM
  • Infusionsoft
  • Capsule
  • OnePageCRM
  • Stride
  • Nutshell
  • Insightly
  • Pipedrive
  • Nimble
  • Streak
  • Zoho and others

In addition, HubSpot has entered the CRM market offering a fully integrated CRM package that is connected to their marketing automation software. With HubSpot?s CRM integration?built in, operation is seamless with all of their other modules.

If you?d like to know more about integrating HubSpot with your existing CRM, or you?d like information on HubSpot?s CRM package, contact us and make a HubSpot demo request. We?ll show you how integrating your existing CRM with HubSpot can supercharge your lead management, automate lead information and increase sales. If you?re not familiar with the benefits of HubSpot, we?ll walk you through their offerings, just contact us and make a HubSpot demo request!

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