Do You Have Low Page Authority on Your Website? You May Need a Website Review SEO Analysis!

Website Review SEO and Page Authority

Have you checked your website?s page authority recently? In the land of metrics and analytics, page authority is a measure that is based on SEO and is used to describe the probability that a specific page on your website will be found and ranked by the various search engines. The best way to check your page authority is to do a website review SEO analysis. It?s a great metric to use to check your site?s progress and the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

Page authority is based on a 0 to 100 scale, and deals with the relevance of information and links within your site pages among other factors. Having a high page authority increases the chance that your page will show up on the various search engines and place higher on search engine results pages, or SERP.? It?s important to understand that page authority is based on the pages within your site and their relationship, and not on your site itself.

Improving Page Authority

Website Review SEO AuthoritySearch engines are constantly changing and improving their algorithms in order to offer more accurate search results. While all of the factors that contribute to page authority on different search engines are not known, Google has released patents on their algorithm that offer a clue to some factors you can use to improve your authority. Many SEO experts have examined Google?s information and have determined several key factors that contribute to page authority, including:

Fresh, Unique, Relevant Content

It?s been often said, ?content is king? and to a certain extent, that?s true if the content exhibits some key factors. SEO focus has moved on from strictly peppering content with keywords to increase ranking. Today, the practice can actually hurt more than help.? Content today needs to be:

  • New, interesting, and relevant
  • Updated frequently
  • Detailed and useful
  • Qualified
  • Easy, fun to read, and informative

Incoming Links from Other Sites

Having useful information not only increases new readers, but it can also aid in having outside sites link to your pages. Adding external links to your site is a great way to boost page authority. They not only increase traffic, but also raise awareness of your site. It?s not always easy to generate these connections, but having relevant, useful, entertaining information can raise your profile and improve your chances.

Using Images

As search engines improve, text is not the only factor they use when determining page authority. Today, graphics are gaining in importance with Search engines for?establishing page authority. The key is using related images and then using highly descriptive ALT tag text so that the search engines can find your images. Traffic to the image will generate more overall traffic to your site.

These are just a few of the key factors you can improve upon to increase your site?s page authority. There are other factors that play a role as well. The best way to see where you stand is to take a website review SEO analysis.? Just visit our site and take our free Inbound Marketing Assessment. It?s a survey that will not only conduct a website review SEO analysis for page authority, but will also show any other gaps in your digital marketing and identify areas you can improve upon to increase your website?s visibility. It?s a smart business decision, easy to do, and did we mention it?s free?

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