Does an Inbound Marketing Agency Do B2B or B2C?

How Can an Inbound Marketing Agency Help You?

The first thing to discern, if you?re considering the remarkable powers of inbound marketing, is the character of your audience. Will your content resonate equally with the average customer as opposed to a business manager? Is inbound marketing neutral with respect to these different demographics? Does a B2B inbound marketing agency have to tailor its services depending on the nature of the consumer? The answers to these questions are surprisingly similar.? It turns out that the consumer and the business to which you?re marketing have largely indistinguishable motivations, and there may never have been a need for the distinction in the first place.

Inbound Marketing for People

inbound marketing agency keywordsIt turns out that every establishment is a consumer, although not every consumer is a business. This means that a B2B inbound marketing agency can craft the same message across the board. The important attributes of this message is how well it informs or instructs, and this derives from an understanding of how people work when products and services are involved.

  • First and foremost, your content should be optimized for human readers and not Google Search. In the past, marketers were able to ?game? the search engines by filling pages up with nonsensical text comprised of keywords. Google?s algorithm changes have destroyed the efficacy of these techniques ? and they aren?t ever going to work again. Write to inform and fulfill a need; not only will your content rank highly, but you?ll also get conversions. As a final consideration ? your website must be visually appealing and easy-to-use. The user experience counts just as much as the content ? maybe more in the beginning, given that people are visual creatures.
  • Seasoned marketers understand the two ?P?s?: pain and persona. Consumers buy when their pain threshold has been reached.? Have you presented your service to take maximum advantage of this? Humans don?t want to be outside of relevant trends ? it?s actually painful, in a business sense. Understanding this, and then tailoring your presentation to minimize or soothe that pain is the persona aspect of your sales pitch. Provide content in a manner that makes them feel left out, while offering precisely the solution to this feeling.
  • Today, social media is just as important as Search. As such, you should not leave out social networking from your business plan ? it?s a viable inbound marketing avenue all by itself. Any B2B inbound marketing agency worth the name is using social signals to supplement and bolster their offering. Visit Facebook and Twitter of relevant businesses and see what the people are talking about, then write a blog post with your take or the solution to what you find.
  • Lastly, as your site gathers more and more data about your visitors, your analytics profile becomes more robust and capable of delivering crucial tips on how to tweak your inbound marketing strategy to better serve your consumers. You?ll notice that there?s no distinction between B2B and B2C web traffic ? they all want the same thing: solutions to their needs.

In the current and future climate of website promotion, you?ll need to take full advantage of the continuing power of inbound marketing to compete in any industry. A B2B inbound marketing agency understands that content will always drive traffic.? Is yours as tailored to your audience as possible, or is there room for improvement? Take the completely free Inbound Marketing Assessment to understand important metrics regarding the health of your online business, as well as to learn how to best leverage digital marketing to your benefit.