Does Your B2B Ad Agency Perform Inbound Marketing?

Why your marketing firm may be failing you.

-?Inbound Marketing is a method of attracting, nurturing and converting online users to purchase your company?s products or services.

The science of success behind Inbound Marketing is so compelling that your B2B ad agency should be knowledgeable about Inbound Marketing and capable of delivering Inbound Strategy and execution.

Are they?

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6 Inbound Success Tips

6 Inbound B2B Ad Agency Success Tips

Here?s why it?s so important to include Inbound Marketing as an integral component of your overall marketing plan and initiatives:

?1.???? Early Bird Gets the Worm

There?s a race occurring on the internet. Some B2B industry verticals, especially in manufacturing, have been slow to adapt.

Bad news: You thought you sprinted off the starting line but your racetrack just changed.

Good news: You may still be able to beat your competitors off the starting line. You may have missed the starting gun, but you can still race!

?2.???? Better Alignment between Marketing and Sales means better results.

Sales complains about leads being weak. Marketing complains about sales not following up. What to do? A holistic inbound marketing plan includes methods of identifying customer queus and clues. So you can score prospects based on their activities on your website and define exactly where and when that Visitor becomes a Lead. The Lead is then seamlessly handed off to Sales.

3.???? Inbound Marketing Works for B2B

Inbound Marketing is particularly effective for B2B companies. It?s especially effective for those with higher average sales tickets and longer lead times.

Don?t believe your industry decision-makers are making purchasing decisions online? Think again my friend. Your prospective customers are researching online before you even know they?re looking.

Wouldn?t it be great if you were one of the first resources they turned to? Wouldn?t it have been great if you had learned this from your current B2B ad agency?

4.???? Attracting clients and customers

Inbound Marketing involves creating content. Effective content answers questions beyond FAQs and beyond product features & benefits.

When you provide relevant, timely and contextual content you win. You win with Google and you win with the customer.

Most B2B ad agencies write copy, not content.

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If You Only Knew What They Were Thinking…

5.???? Customer Intelligence

Wouldn?t it be great if you knew what your prospects were thinking? What they wanted? Well, you can.

Inbound Marketing can identify and track exactly where a prospect is in the purchase funnel. That?s a win for Sales, a win for Marketing, a win for you.

Use analytics to connect Customers to Marketing and Marketing to Sales.

?6. ??Statistics show Inbound Marketing works.

Hubspot is a major software provider for Inbound Marketing. It?s the software we use at Marketing Matters Inbound. Look at these 2012 numbers from their “State of Inbound Marketing Report:”

  • Inbound leads cost website owners an average of?61 % less?than outbound leads.
  • Trends show that small businesses are allocating as much as?43 %?of their budgets on Inbound Marketing and only?14 percent?on outbound marketing.
  • Large businesses are devoting?21 %?of their budget on Inbound Marketing and?33 %?on outbound marketing.
  • The average cost per lead for?inbound?based companies is$135 and for?outbound?companies$346?.

Inbound Marketing has applications to every single business that?s in business. But not every B2B ad agency practices, or even knows about Inbound Marketing.

Most B2B advertising agencies aren?t up to snuff for the challenges it takes to attract and convert internet traffic to website visitors and leads.

Is yours?

Ask them. You deserve an answer.

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