Enterprise Inbound Marketing: Applied Inbound Marketing Strategy

Enterprise Inbound Marketing : Exposure Through Content

-As the most effective marketing strategy available, Enterprise Inbound Marketing represents a much more interactive way to engage your customers. A growing number of consumers rely on research before they make a purchase, which is where?Enterprise Inbound Marketing?optimizes your exposure through good content.

Aligning Tactics and Goals of ?the Enterprise Inbound Marketing Strategy

It is important when developing your Enterprise Inbound Marketing strategy you make sure that every action is oriented or aligned to the goals of the strategy. ?When you align the methods and tactics, you ensure that every single initiative will have a positive impact on your?Enterprise Inbound Marketing?strategy. However, one of the most important aspects of the strategy is the content you produce.

Enterprise Inbound Marketing Starts With the Content Strategy

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The content marketing strategy is a vital key to an effective?Enterprise Inbound Marketing?strategy. Content marketing strategies refer to the evolving mindset of content production that should speak to one of your specific customer personas. Keep in mind that the goal is to produce informative content, not to produce sales pitches. By producing informative content, you offer your consumers exactly what they are looking for.

  • Keywords must be used appropriately and naturally throughout the content. This will help SEO rankings, which translates into your website being at the top of a SERP (search engine results page).
  • Once your content is deemed valuable, you increase the likelihood that your content will be shared on?social networks.

Why Consumers Share Information in Social Networks

In the world of?Enterprise Inbound Marketing?and social media, sharing is caring. However, some content is shared at a much greater rate and capacity than others. The object is to produce content that others, particularly your personas, deem important. According to the ground-breaking study conducted by the New York Times Insights entitled the Psychology of Sharing, there are certain reasons people share content.

  • People share to bring entertaining and valuable content to others.
    • 49% of people share content because it allows them to keep others informed about products they care about and to potentially change opinions of other people’s opinions
  • To define themselves better
    • 68% of people share content to give people a better sense of what they care about and who they are
  • To nourish and grow relationships
    • 78% of people share information to help them stay in touch with other people they would otherwise lose touch with
    • 73% of people share content because it helps them stay in touch
  • To get self-fulfillment
    • 69% of people share because the content helps them feel more involved with the world.
  • To share information about specific causes or brands
    • 84% of people share as a means to support an issue or brand they care about.

Social Media Best Practices and Tips for Enterprise Inbound Marketing

  • Learn the best and the worst times to post on your social media network. This will ensure that your resources are being used to the best of their abilities.
  • Certain types of posts get a significantly higher rate of user engagement than others. The best types of posts are photo-only or one that uses words only. These types of posts receive a 94% higher user engagement than others.
  • Several studies suggest that using posting strategies that require the user to fill in the blank leads to a comment rate of nine times higher than other strategies.
  • The length of the wall post should be less than 80 characters. Posts less than 80 characters received a 66% higher engagement rate than longer posts.


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