Enterprise Inbound Marketing: Building an Enterprise Conversion Machine

Marketing and Branding in the age of Enterprise Inbound Marketing

-The days of ?push? marketing have come to an end. Customers know what they?re looking for?will you be the one to provide it? With the right Enterprise Inbound Marketing campaign, your website can become a conversion machine.

Enterprise Inbound Marketing | Fishing netUse a Bigger Net?

Traditional push marketing is like fishing with a giant net. Sure, you catch some of the fish you?re after, but you also waste a lot of time and energy on fish that end up back in the water. In the end, you spend a lot of money on campaigns that are ignored by the vast majority of people, hoping to catch a few Customers along the way.

??or Get Better Bait?

Enterprise Inbound Marketing is all about getting your ideal Customers to come looking for you. Getting visitors to find you requires a multifaceted approach:

??????? Paid Search: Puts you at the top of search results, without waiting for organic placement.

??????? SEO: Helps move your content to the top of organic search results.

??????? Social Media: Allows your Customers to direct the conversation, while giving you valuable information about their interests.

??????? Traditional Media: Though changing, it?s still an important part of your Enterprise Inbound Marketing Campaign.

Once it all comes together, potential clients who are searching for information or products relevant to your brand will naturally be directed toward your website.

Sell Yourself

Visitors who arrive at your website are already interested in what you have to offer. It?s up to you to elevate that interest to the point of Conversion.

??????? The Website: Is your website easy to navigate? Does it have enough white space? Are there any impediments that could deter potential Customers? Find out here.

??????? Content Strategy: To create a Conversion Machine, your content must be targeted, beneficial, and timely.

??????? Content Creation: A Visitor?s needs dictate where they are in the buying cycle?do you have the right content for each stage?

This is your chance to create brand loyalty by being of use to Visitors. They came looking for something useful, and you need to give it to them. Enterprise Inbound Marketing only works if you can successfully nurture the relationship.

Sell Your Products

As attraction moves on to conversion, your Visitors have become Leads. They?re still engaging with you on their own terms, but they?re quickly becoming Prospects.

??????? Website Builds: Your website must engage those Visitors, generate Lead data, and help move the Lead toward becoming a Customer.

??????? CTA Map: The Call to Action Map creates a logical progression for the user to follow. It creates a frictionless path from being a Visitor to being a Customer.

??????? Landing Pages: Landing pages create multiple points of entry into your website?each point can be tailored for a different ideal Customer. Every page is a chance for you to market your brand to another demographic.

At this point, your Visitor has become a customer?whether they made a purchase, signed up for a subscription, or simply clicked on a link that you provided. But that?s not where Enterprise Inbound Marketing ends.

Building the Brand

Enterprise Inbound Marketing is a continuous cycle of engaging your Customers, analyzing your conversion rates, and refining your marketing and branding pursuits.

By marketing your brand to the right Customers, along the right channels, at the right time, Enterprise Inbound Marketing creates a Conversion Machine. Along the way, measurable data is collected and used to guide the Enterprise Inbound Marketing Campaign toward even greater success.

This is the age of Enterprise Inbound Marketing–what age are you advertising in?

Marketing Matters Inbound is an inbound marketing firm specializing in online conversions, content strategy, call-to-action mapping and traditional media placement. Our experience in B2B digital marketing and traditional media allows us to deliver results through a strategic media mix. We believe in aligning and merging marketing and sales/operations for optimal return on your marketing investment.

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