Enterprise Marketing: How to Measure Your Online Marketing Efforts

Progress Begins at Measuring Your Enterprise Marketing Efforts

Enterprise Inbound Marketing

For the same reason you measure ingredients, you need to measure your marketing efforts

– As any business leader knows, measuring your efforts offers tangible benefits for any enterprise.

Unless you can measure what you are doing, you cannot accurately monitor progress or make measurable goals for the future. This same thinking applies to Enterprise ?Marketing.

What Should You Be Measuring in Enterprise Marketing?

You need to identify what you want to measure in your digital Enterprise Marketing efforts.

Here’s a starter list:

  • How attractive is your website to a potential customer?
  • How does your website measure up to that of your competition?
  • What are your conversion rates for visitors, leads, and customers?
  • What is your return on investment?
  • Where are most of your visitors coming from?
  • Which social media channel offers you the most traffic?
  • Where do most of your contacts come from?
  • Which of your website pages are the most influential for lead generation? Which is the least?
  • Which email was most successful in your last marketing campaign?
  • How much traffic did your website see last month?

You may be wondering how you can assess all of this and still run your business. The beauty of an Enterprise Inbound Marketing software package, like HubSpot, is that you have all that information available in one place. You don’t have to pull information from a dozen sources then try to correlate it.

How Can HubSpot Help You Measure Your Enterprise Marketing Efforts?

HubSpot offers a number of tools to help you track and measure your Enterprise Inbound Marketing efforts.

Website Grader Plus

The Website Grader Plus is actually available free through HubSpot-Certified Partners.

After the website assessment, you get a detailed report that gives you a score, between 1 and 100, of how well your website is doing in Enterprise Inbound Marketing. You get details on the gaps in your online conversion process. You will receive insights into your digital strengths, along with the weaknesses. You get suggestions for how to improve your Inbound Marketing.

HubSpot Analytics

Once you have HubSpot deployed into your company, you can use the analytics package to check just about any aspect of your Enterprise Inbound Marketing efforts. Here are just a few examples of the information available through the Analytics package:

  • Sources Report – You get information on how people came to your website through a variety of channels like organic searches, referrals, social media, paid advertising, or email marketing.
  • Contacts Report – This report gives you insights into who you have in your Contact database: where do they live, when did they first become a contact, how many contacts have you made with them, etc.
  • Conversion Assists Report – With this report, you will know which pages on your website are giving you the most visitor influence. Basically, what content did a visitor last visit before they became a lead.
  • Email Marketing analytics – You can track how many of your emails got delivered, opened, clicked, and which ones lead to the contact taking another step. You can see which emails are most popular and which are not.
  • Calls-to-Action analytics – Every webpage should have a CTA on it. This allows you to see which ones have the highest visit-to-click ratio. You can use it to test which CTAs are the most influential.

This is just the beginning of the information you can draw from HubSpot to measure your digital Enterprise Marketing efforts. If you want to see the possibilities for yourself, the next step is to see a demonstration of this powerful software solution to your Enterprise Inbound Marketing needs.

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